I will be back in Chicago August 24-26 for the @chicago.bliss playoff game. Hit me up if you wanna hang out or tailgate with us!! Also looking for recommendations on a gym....

Quick feet with a Nice finish🔥🎯
Are you so fast?
🎥: @mustafacaliskanmanyy

Who is the best skiller?✌️🔥
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🎥: @skillersfactory

❌Shout out time to 👉🏽 @isaac_cunning who has been working hard with us in the early hours of the morning before school.
👏👏👏 The work he has put in with us is paying off and his Golazo ⚽️🔥 from a fortnight ago can be seen in this video. Bravo Isaac keep it up pal 🤙🏽

Este pibe Isaac desde nuestra primera sesión ha demostrado sus ganas de aprender más y mejorar aún más. Su sacrificio de entrenar antes de empezar la escuela se va demostrando. Les dejo este Clío de su último Golazo ⚽️🔥 con su equipo Hakoah FC de Sydney Australia. Buena Isaac 👏👏👏😊

The freestyle was shit but ended with a great goal!🤷🏼‍♂️✌️ #moses 🔥

Insane panna!😱💥
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🎥: @adje_eljackson

Pass, pass, and pass. 100% Composure @dzik_ 👀⚽️ #Telefooty #PossesionFootball #Matchfootage

Better than?😂😱😂
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🎥: @rclivramentoreal

Diego Costa 🆚 Sissoko😂🤬
Tag your friends!👨‍👨‍👦‍👦
🎥: @foot.ahead

Who of your friends is this?👨‍👨‍👦‍👦
🎥: @dribble_designer

@specs_indonesia Accelerator Illuzion! ❤👌🏼. Rate this beast from 1-10 😁 #telefooty #specsindonesia #illuzion #specsaccelerator #ewaklok

Who’s the best LB of the world?🙌🏻
🎥: @foot.ahead

Queres saber el secreto para mejorar❓
Es 👉🏽TRABAJAR👈🏽 Anótate para entrenar con el lider de ⚽️ y verás como tu juego cambiará 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Jose y Jack 👌🏻

Want to know what the secret is to improving ❓
It’s 👉🏽Hard Work👈🏽
Join one of the best in the game ⚽️ to improve your game and take it to the next level❗️Shout to Jose & Jack who have been smashing it with off season work with G10.

Thanks to Nike Indonesia and @fisikfootball for the invitation. It was great to try the new Phantom Vision.

Happy to meet some great player like @bayusaptaji and it was fun! 🤙🏼#NikeIndonesia #Nikefootball #justdoit #nike #phantomvision #awakenthephantom

The look on your face when you realize there's still 3 days left until game day. 😩
Good news is, there's still time to get your tickets! 🙌 It's our last regular season game!
Saturday, August 11th ⏰7pm

•Click "buy tickets" for Chicago Bliss
•Enter "Bliss8" for LFL player promo code entry for a discount! 🏈

#lfl #chicagobliss #blissfootball #chicago #football #footballhers #footballgame

The CR7 mood!😂😍
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Awesome curve goal in the first session after our vacation trip!✌️🔥 Session and goal with @bramteerink 💥
🎥: @freekickstmwz

How is your touch!?😱🔥
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