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Quiet on the set! #Blindspot

📷 @LukeMitchell17

WEDNESDAY! All new #Blindspot 8/7c on @nbc!

Straight outta surgery. #Blindspot live-tweet READY! 👊

Hahaha typical day at the office 😜😜😜 #blindspot @sullygram

Had fun filming with @audreyesparza for @nbcblindspot today😁check out season 2 of #blindspot (I hear episode 20 is particularly awesome😉)

15 minutes folks and we are back on!!! Cheers and see you on 8/7c #blindspot

That time our fabulous camera man @pmfortunato got locked in the inclusive bathroom. Super inclusive I guess. Shut us down for about half hour. @sullygram77 tried to get him out-couldn't . Weller would have been able to though. Ha! @nbcblindspot #Blindspot

Super-talented #blindspot fan @stufflauraloves made this amazing thing and now I'm trying to convince her to make the whole cast and also possibly open an online store to sell them all. #richdotcrafts

Repost from @nbcblindspot using @RepostRegramApp - "Here& #39;s a photo of the entire cast having a huge laugh after @ashleythejohnson took a picture of my butt in an orange prison jumpsuit, which is hilarious to everybody for some reason. If you would like to see the picture they were laughing at, although I don't see what the big deal is, go to @EnnisEsmer." -
THEN check out tonight's NEW EPISODE 8/7c #BLINDSPOT @NBC


#blindspot muy buena serie se las recomiendo #nexflix

Los Hispanos de Blindspot! 🔥
Should be a spin-off novela! Lol!
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Status: sofá + coberta + netflix. Série top!!! #segundas #curitiba #outono #netflix #blindspot #ferias2017

#SullivanStapleton says so much with those eyes. #Blindspot Total attention. The anger from what they did. The closing of his eyes at hearing what she needs to do. The worry he has for the case and everyone's security and privacy. #tryingnottospoilitwhilepraisinghistalent 📷gifs tumblr katedammitrun
@sullygram77 ❤💋💞

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