I like my hair in a slicked back bun

Day 268 (right hand): Saw a Bobcat today during Muffin’s walk! It crossed the street right in front of us, eyes locked on us the whole time. Several weeks ago, Tim saw 3 younger Bobcats on our street, climbing trees, and I’m pretty sure this was one of them. I came home and found a pic online that looked like it (short tail with white underneath and dark spots). Then I did a 2 min sketch of the pic, blind contour, and cracked up after I was done. If only the Bobcat looked like the first pic and not the second! Meow!

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Lady #gremlin makeup is coming along! She gon’ be ready for da club when im done here 💄💋👹 @horrorgasmsd @ironfistbrewing #modernmonsters #blindcontour #penandink #drawing

Deconstruction of a leaf 🍃

09/17/18, 2:21 p.m.
F Train - Jay St. Metrotech

Madame Hatter / Up in Arms

A beautiful mess? Screen printing experiments using some of my blind contour drawings of live models.

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Creatives create regardless of market demand or what the herd wants. ✨

This is the only public piece I had made that didn't have my faces. I originally created the piece in 2016 of pure color, no object or subject. Just color. It was a study for me to see if I could execute my ink style (usually done horizontally with water to move the paint) but on an upright (uneven) surface with house paint and aerosol. I got pretty close to that ink vibe and was pleased with how it turned out. But fast forward two years later and I get a phone call asking if I'll come add my faces to it! When I first started with the faces many didn't understand the aesthetic. And I would say most didn't want it... yet. It's not the most beautiful but it is authentic. Creatives walk a fine line between honoring one's own voice and meeting the already existing market expectation of what art is and what sells. To create something original requires much more courage, because there is more rejection in the beginning. It's a huge risk that people will begin to accept what you are doing when it doesn't already exist as popular. Most people are followers. Thus there are creatives and there are those that follow after the creatives and try to capitalize. One seeks after satisfying curiosity the other money. You know what I'm seeking. And to thrive the two need to harmoniously work together. I am so grateful this is now happening, this piece was always meant to have faces in the mix, sometimes we just need a few years to evolve.🤗😏💜thank you to all who have brought opportunities forward for me to satisfy my curiosity...I am beyond grateful to be doing this!

If you aren't having fun you aren't doing it right! The vid is me attempting to draw @katginsburg without looking at what I'm drawing... challenging with aresol bc no tactile sense to orient myself, also shipping container surfaces are not flat. Turned out more abstract than I thought, I was tickled and shout "crazy" which prompts laughter in Kat, which prompts laughter in me, watch it (sound on) and tell me if we got you too lol 😏

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