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A few things: This is how our entire yard looks. And it's FREEZING and WET here, soooo it'll be looking like this for a little while longer. At least the leaves are beautiful! 😳 Two: I have three items I'm posting over at @candidcloset in a few minutes (all dresses); we had a change of plans today so I won't be able to post as many as planned until later! Three: I am emailing donors from the #blessthebargesauction who have emailed me this weekend TONIGHT. I haven't overlooked you, I have just been busy! Hope everyone has been enjoying their Sunday. Bless the Lord!

PACKAGES GOING OUT TOMORROW! Yay!!! Okay, so I'm trying to include a list with names of contributors. I don't want to forget ANYONE, but with all of the names going through my head from the #blessthebargesauction AND the #letsblesssomebodyproject, I know I'm missing someone most likely. Hopefully not, but likely. So, I'm tagging those I have and IF I forgot you, TELL ME! @starburststudio @fourokies @therusticorange @javadiva @lemoncupcakevintage @shoplilbuttons @ameliamariede @bmstorhaug

I donated these beautiful #vintagechristmas ornaments to the #blessthebargesauction head over to @_hanmade_ to bid ❤️

Have you seen what's going on at @_hanmade_ for the @justagadreamer #blessthebargesauction #cancersucks #cancerfundraiser auction????? This is currently going for $40 yall! I can't believe it. Run, don't walk. There are tons of great items left! Including ones from @therusticorange and @iveyhandcrafted !!

You all have totally loved a "latte" today. Keep it up! There are still some amazing pieces up for grabs in the #blessthebargesauction! It ends at 8 in the morning! I'll be announcing the winner of the holiday package sooooon. 😘 You ALL rock.

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