Transformations are not always physical in the terms of gaining abs or your weight decreasing.
Transformations can be emotional or mental
Even just 2 years ago, my confidence was no where near how it is now! Do I still struggle - umm yes! Have you seen me in a group of people?? 😬 I don’t speak.
Joining this community of fit sisters has completely changed me - from the inside out. Part of my job with this coaching gig is that I’m supposed to read personal development each day - I didn’t do that for a while but this year I committed to reading at least 10 minutes each day - and whoa the change it has made!
I mean look at that smile on the right compared to the left - not so forced and very genuine!! I am so glad to have found a way to really find who I am again! This community of women has shown me it’s ok to be me and not worry about what everyone else thinks!

I was...
Self conscious
Unwilling to change
Unable to see my worth and potential

But this health and fitness journey has taught me that I AM
I am....
Able to change
Capable of so much
Worthy!! I am worthy and so are you - worthy of love and time and commitment
Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. It may not be easy, but boy is it worth it!! Don’t let your past hold you back - it’s time to move forward and see that you are amazing and loved and so worth every once of life that you are!
Join me sister and know that It’s Totally Possible to change your future!!
And I AM here to help you 😘 let’s change our lives together! 👯‍♀️ Drop me some 💕 below and I’ll message you to see if this sisterhood is right for you!

Do you ever walk into the grocery store and praise God for where we live? We have so many options. I choose to give thanks, be wise with the choices we’ve been given. Enjoy those choices and SHARE those blessings with others. We are blessed! #blessothers #bewise #givepraise #advocare #health

It is such a beautiful day here where I live. I pray that everyone has a blessed day. Don't forget to be a blessing to someone.
#blessed #blessothers #beablessing #lovelife #sharejoy

So happy to open the house so all these ladies could take Prom pics this weekend. #blessothers #prom #promatthecastle #fun #happy #smartandpretty

How often do you think about this?? 🤔 🙌God is sooo good!!!
❄️you are special and unique - you have a divine purpose set for your life!!! 💖
🌻You should take care of the body He has given you (to the best of your ability) and use the opportunities He sets before you to bless others as well! 💖
#fearfullyandwonderfullymade #unique #special #loved #created #divinepurpose #godisgood #body #takecare #blessothers #beablessing #beblessed #opportunity #life #lifestyle #grow #learn #drinkpink #allnatural #nongmo #plantbased #empty #lonely #youareloved #community #friendship #goals #fun #happy

“For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."”
‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:14‬ ‭ .
#blessothers #bekind #serve #wearethehandsandfeet #loveyourneighbor #lularoe #culture #mindset #godisgood #allthetime

Painted for a sick child in the L’Grove community that is having surgery to remove bone tumors at the end of the month (on the 30th). Her mother came to our rock page asking for someone to paint her “a” special rock to encourage her.
Little did she know, that the kindness that truly generates out of our growing club of 3,800+ (Henry County Rocks, GA official) is beyond reproach & now, Jordie will have many rocks of encouragement. This is why we get involved within our communities & form the social media outlets that we do.
Please pray for “Jordie” & her family.
#makeimpact #blessothers #spreadjoysndlove #juliemakingchanges #godiswithyou @henrycountyrocks

In a world 🌎 where everyone is trying to prove just how tough they are, how about we try being different? How about we try being kind and showing L❤️VE for a change. Saying good morning to a total stranger... now that’s Gangster 🤟🏼 #SpiritualGangster #PayitForward #BlessOthers #BeTheChange #JustaKidFromCorona #11368

After a little Instaland hiatus, I’m back in action raising support for Ashley Murray through @getup8org in their 6th annual Outrigger Canoe Race that I’ve had the honor of crewing in for 3yrs now ... Ashley was in a horrific car accident caused by a drunk driver just before Christmas last year. She is still going through surgeries and therapy and along with her family is fighting each and every day to recover. It was such a blessing to be surround by others so eager and enthusiastic to give back and help out someone in need. #FightOn Ashley! You and your family are such an inspiration to me and everyone to keep fighting hard, even when life gets tough, the Love will be there when you need it most! https://www.gofundme.com/ashley-murrays-medical-expense

Volunteer... Donate... Give Back... .
This Saturday (April 28)
Shoes, Clothes, Food, Hygiene Products are Needed!!!
#CoachsCloset #Donate #GiveBack #NonProfit #FeedTheHomeless #FeedTheCommunity #BlessOthers

Yes we can!! Thank you so much @theivoryhangar for show casing and on selling some of your AMAZING op shop designer finds and contributing towards our project. We can't wait to bless some more families in need with nourishing meals. It's perfect timing as we donate a new deep freezer to @hillsongnoosa to stock all the meals and try to meet the needs of our village 💓
Stay tuned for more of these events this end of the coast 🙌

#shetheroar #clothedinstrength #charityevent #connectwomen #blessothers #oilsforgood #itakesavillage

Simple and to the point a quick journey through today's dinner.
Home made Mashed potato season in a little latin flavor with sazon, Adobo and fresh crushed garlic over fresh spinach leaves, pork chop, avocado, French bread and fresh cut Pineapple. Make healthy choices mi gente for a healthy life style.#healthy
#healthyfood #healthyeating #makehealthychoices #stayfit #staystrong #godisgood #boxinglife #liveright #blessothers #bethankful #exercise daily #Chicagofood #foodismood #enjoylife #chicagoboxing

It doesn’t matter where you workout - if it’s at home, a gym, CrossFit, or if you’re a pavement pounder
What matters is that you move and enjoy it...or at least feel good when you’re done knowing that you just did something good for your body!
So stop saying tomorrow and just start today!
And find a friend to do it with you!

So true! You might be everything to someone. Through you God can bless and lift up others in need. 🦋♥️😌Think about it...I know there's someone God is placing in your heart ❤️ and in your thoughts right now. When was the last time you prayed, spoke or spent time w them? Share a smile, a hug 🤗, a laugh with someone. It's not always about the money 💰 or how much you spend on someone. We need each other. Love up on someone today ♥️♥️♥️✌🏽 #positivevibes #vibehigher #lovelife #livelife #payitforward #blessothers #sharethelove #shared_joy #smile #hug #laugh #motivate #encourage #listen #support #loveup #pray #prayer #talk #blessedtobless #bless #grateful #onepersonatatime 🌻Thx so much @rekha.xx for the awesome post ❤️🦋🌻👌🏽

Agree with Ed Mylett “Don’t let your love of money blind you to what is truly important or valuable. Money is a Tool— it doesn’t make you rich”~Essential Insight 30 from The Message of Leadership (based on the book of Proverbs Chapter 30)#Repost @edmylett with @get_repost
Don’t mistake being rich with having FREEDOM. They don’t necessarily go together .

Freedom is the ultimate outcome and it’s rare, because this is not the prevailing message being sold to the masses .

The rarest place in life is not Wealth , it’s FREEDOM and PEACE OF MIND .

People often ask me why I still work so hard? I work hard because I LOVE it and CHOOSE to , not because I Have to. I love helping other people make their life a masterpiece.Living a life based on choice, is what gives you total freedom .

This means not having a ton of debt, and having a residual income or passive income off of both your business and/or your investments .

I hope you will choose to make freedom and peace your primary outcome. ONLY YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS TO YOU! .

My goal is to become a Billionaire and be able to give away 99% of that some day and for me , that’s FREEDOM to change other people’s lives and elevate causes I believe in .

In the meantime, I want to be free to choose every day WHAT I do, WHO I do with and WHEN I do it .

What does freedom mean to you ? Btw, as time goes by , that may change for you 😉 .

I’m here to help you achieve your version of freedom #maxout #free #entrepreneurship #motivational #millionairemindset #successful #businesswoman #dreambig #workthedream #relentless #faith #family #finance #fun #stewardship #financialfreedom #nofamilyleftbehind #persistence #consistence #hisbannerovermeislove #blessothers #blessgod @the_real_cruzader @focus_tessdbest @sir_denz @torrancecruzaders @legacybuilders_elite @thefinancenurse @cruzadernation @joanelkaufman @youngprofdrums @dennistisdale @theunwantedmillennial @thesoughtaftercentennial 🐝🌟🎯💰💪🌈🎶🎹🎤🏡⛵️🌊🐳🌿🙏🏿😇❤️👸🏼

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