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STAY IN PEACE, you're still under construction!
Don't think where you are now, is where you'll stay! Don't think what you have now, is all you're going to get. God isn't finished yet!
There are 8.5 months left in 2017; that's plenty of time to FINISH STRONG!
If you're determined to stay in peace and finish strong, SAY SO, in Jesus' name!
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Have you ever been swooped by a bird?
The day I took this image, I was photographing this peaceful estuary when out of nowhere four ducks swooped past me flapping their wings loudly, before hitting the water. I will not forget the sound the wind made as the birds flapped past my head—and it changed my perspective of the story of Jesus’ baptism.
When writing about this event, several eye-witnesses describe how the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus "like a dove" when he came out of the water. I always pictured a dove gently and gracefully settling on Jesus, but this is because of images and movie depictions I’ve seen. Theologian Joan E. Taylor gives a different perspective after being swooped by a territorial dove on a trip to Jerusalem: "I can verify that a dove coming down on someone with wings flapping is something like a very powerful rush of wind striking ones head." This description seems more in line with the Hebrew word for the Holy Spirit, "ruach", which means 'wind', and it fits with the way the Spirit landed on the disciples like a "rushing wind" after Jesus’ resurrection.
I like the idea of the Holy Spirit tearing open heaven and swooping down on Jesus with determination and purpose! And I like knowing that today, we all have access to this same determined Spirit! What do you think?

✨A little life update: Hank and I are expecting!!!!! We can't wait to meet our baby girl in October ✨🤰🏻#pregnant #pregnancy #pregnancyannouncement #blessing #sograteful

Thanks to social media it has become less taboo and less embarrassing to talk about. We are able to connect with, to journey with, to rejoice with, to cry with and to root with and for one another. I have been very thankful for that. Infertility Awareness Week is this week and having gone through my own battles with Infertility, I want to remind you, my friends, that it is still a very hard, raw, real and a very much emotional topic for me to discuss. Through all of the years of trials, the struggles and ultimately the winning honor of becoming a mother, I have come to term with the fact that I have repressed so many of those emotions. I don't often talk these days about Infertility, Ivf, Gestational Surrogacy, not because we got our miracle baby and I'm now happy-go-lucky but, because I have some sort of PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). What no one tells you is the anxiety that will engulf your body scrolling through IG/FB watching people go through the steps of IVF or having a friend tell you they are pregnant or sadly not pregnant after attempting IVF. I am definitely one to root and to pray with you but, the PTSD and all the emotions that come with it, it's real. I know how tough I am and how tough you have to be to fight for a baby but, whenever anyone asks me about baby number two, my eyes tear up and my body shakes and quivers at the thought of having to endure another shot and more hormones. I would do it all over again times ten to have another little Rox but, I can't help feeling the strain from what you have to endure. Looking at these pictures of Baby Rox I am in awe of the determination and team work that it took to bring my baby here. Roxie James was the one embryo that made it out of 17 other little embryos that had once been transferred. I wanted to write this post to raise awareness for all aspects of the emotional side of Infertility because, believe me, there's a lot more than what you see. Us woman and men have to be more aware because it's a lot more common than you think and it does not discriminate. #1in8 #InfertilityAwarenessWeek #InfertilitySucks #Ivf #GestationalSurrogate #Miracle #Blessing #RoxieJames #RealT


Stole thos picture from his mommy's page. Looks like he's enjoying that watermelon. Our handsome grandbabyboy has some gorgeous eyelashes. #gmasboy #grandbabyboy #misshimandhaventmethim #blessing #lovehimtothemoonandback #proudgrandma

The Oracle card of the day is from Doreen Virtue's Ascended Masters Deck:

When we curse a situation, we block the energy flow and things fester and grow worse. In contrast, as you recognize the blessings within your current situation, supportive and healing energy flows toward you. This card comes to you because there's an unrecognized blessing within your current situation. It could be something that you've learned of gained. Recognize the blessing to accelerate the healing and manifestation that's trying to come to you. Instead of worrying, pray and use positive affirmations. Know that everything is in Divine order. This situation is resolving itself perfectly. You heal through the power of gratitude. 🙏✨ #ascendedmasters #krishna #Oracle #Divination #Tarot #OracleCards #Archetypes #Spirituality #SpiritualGuidance #SpiritualPractice #LosFeliz #Metaphysics #Ascension #oraclecardoftheday #cardoftheday #blessing #gratitude #prayer #losfeliz

Happy birthday Mrs. Leung 😘💐🌼🌷
#bestfriend #bff #wedding #blessing #loveyou

Happy 1st Birthday Kenai ♡ I hope you enjoyed your day full of fun!
I am thankful for the year you have taught us about Love, Life and Blessings!
#birthday #1stbirthday #love #baby #chuckecheese #babylife #blessing #igfamily #iglove #rangerover #mommylife

If your man doesn't feel like this about you, get you a new man😜🎵🎶🎵 #blessing #kcamp #saleslife #jammin #cruising #neversettle #beamazed

O SIM é para a vida inteira. 😍❤️ Suas memórias desse dia também. Deixe nas mãos de quem entende que o amor é eterno, de que o brilho no olhar é aconchego e de que confiança é TUDO.
Venham nos conhecer e quando vocês passarem dos 80 anos, ainda vão se lembrar do seu casamento com esse sorriso lindo no rosto.
#casamento #benção #parasempre #amor #infinito #marriage #blessing #forever #love #infinity #Godbless #lifetime #blessassessoria #blesspapelaria #blesscerimonial

Word. 💕

Una luz inicia, una luz ilumina a cada niño bautizado y perdura en su vida por siempre. Un bautizo es un momento único en nuestras vidas.
Vela decorada para el bautizo de Elvis P. Carvajal
#luzdevida #bautizo #luz #vela #momento #único #sisepuede #fe #coleccionamomentos #felicidad #esperanza #amor #christening #bebé #moments #happy #blessing #love

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