Okay guys so I’m finally opening up, I know I don’t post about my personal life at all for the fear of being judged but it’s so hard not to share this incredible journey and change of lifestyle I am going through. I’ve always felt like i had a good self esteem and yet, I don’t remember the last time I had someone or myself take a full body picture of me; but last Saturday was the first time that I remember and it brought tears to my eyes. This first started when I told myself I would look better a few more pounds lighter, and i was thinking more like only 10 pounds lighter would do the trick. BUT BOY! Was I wrong! It became muuuuch more than losing weight. It became about learning real habits of health, how to cook healthy delicious meals, it became gaining a whoooole new family of likeminded health focused people that leans on one another and keeps each other accountable. When I first started I was so scared because I did not know how to cook! I knew the basics but not how to cook a whole healthy delicious meal. I learned day by day how to make my meals. I was eager to finally learn how to cook. My family now wants to learn how to make the meals I make. They involve more vegetables in their food, less soda, less bread, MORE water. I never thought I would be the one to influence my family in such a positive way! My lovely Godmother asked me if I was on a diet to which I answered right away “no nina I’m just learning how to eat better and I feel great.” I always watched what I ate but that was never enough for me and my body but now I have the tools and information. 21 pounds gone forever, and just a bit more to go. This is my new lifestyle I’m never going back! #healthjourney2018 #newlifestyle #blessedtoknowthesewonderfulladies #21lbsdown #JUSTGETTINGSTARTED

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