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🌊 jetzt bin ich voll und ganz im Urlaubsgefühl angekommen 👙 ganz nach dem Motto, "wenn's mal wieder länger dauert" - aber hier ist es wirklich herrlich, Kinder und vor allem Hunde 🐶 freundlich, und das ist heutzutage so schwer zu finden! Die wauwaus dürfen hier überall mit hin, ein wirklich tolles familienresort! ❤️ #firstfamilyvacation #croatia #ocean #beachbar #milchbar #stillmama #stillbaby #happy #blessedmom #mommy #momblog #mama #mamablog #mamablogger #mamablogger_de #undschonwiederdenbusenindiekamerahalten #breastfeeding #holiday #motherhood

Where ever you go go with the heart💖
Thanks gracias merci al universo por darnos estos hermosos ángeles que van a acompañar nuestras vidas y dar luz y amor a cada instante. Gracias a todos por el apoyo y los mensajes. Thanks for all support And blessings 🌟🌟🌟 #wemadeithome
#loveexpasion #lovehasnolimits

. Essa torre é como um "banco", que geralmente fica na altura da bancada da cozinha, e possibilita que a criança observe o que está sendo feito, e até mesmo participe. Diferente dos bancos comuns, que possui grande risco de queda, a torre de aprendizado tem barreiras em volta que mantém a segurança. Em regra é feita de madeira, com uma passagem que possibilita a entrada e saída da criança, sem ajuda. A ideia é estimular a independência e a autonomia, e nesse caso, também a coordenação motora fina e o interesse nos alimentos. .
. Quando a criança ajuda no preparo dos alimentos, cria interesse em come-los 🍴😋
. Faz um tempinho que tô namorando uma torre de aprendizado Montessori pra chamar de nossa ❤️🤗! Essa estava no #EncontroMontessoriando, organizado pela Lara do @montessoriando 👏.

"A coragem, os desafios e a vontade inabalável de calar algumas bocas inúteis transformam pessoas comuns em extraordinárias!"🌞🌟
#motivation#inspiration#evolution#blessed #blessedday#blessedmom

There is a whole lot of my 💖 in this photo. #blessedmom #onemidtownkitchen @mermaid_daydreams @yogardeneratl @freddycalk

One more day until these 2 turn 22! #blessedmom

I've missed you gym 😘😘😘 u have treated me so good over the years, missed a month still looking good thank u baby u got my back always sincerely ure biggest fan NIECY #fitness #lifestyle#gymlife #MZBUILDABODY#blessedmom


Chilling with Rory in bed... He is still having light fever but he is active, eating and playing as usual... My cheerful sunshine ☀️ #blessedmom

Did you know...?
Not every pirate ship used the Jolly Roger (skull and crossbones) for its flag. According to @nassauparadiseisland , a sail-maker's widow crafted flags for pirates of the Bahamas (and took payment in the form of brandy!)
#yohoyohoapirateslifeforme #jollyroger #skullandcrossbones #piratelife #didyouknow

The hubby with a #tightline on our date tonight. We love @AWANA night. #speyfishing #flyfishingjunkie Check out @markstangeland to see the beauty at the end of his line.

Happy 1st wedding anniversary my husband @richafiz
Dapet kado zafran 💕✨

Btw udah ultah kemaren LDR-an, skrg anniversary juga ditinggal dinas.
#luckyme 🤧

Yeayyy Proud Mama, 21 months n still goin.. but u alredy did Wyne.. U did It Dear.
I trust no one created to be failure, when get It Go Back 1st Step Try again again and again Until u can Jump of High and Highest... Keep Learning and stay humb to do it...
Because I m the 1st Person To Teach n Support U, as long as i can...
Yeayyy Go HIgher My Girl, to much to do we need to learn 👏👏👏
Siuuu my Dear Wyne (maksudnya doi suka bilang love u)
#wyneskill #wynemommylearnTogether #wynesdiary #blessedmom #blessedparents #bayibelajar #toodlerlearning #videobayiLucu

So what's your superpower?
ME: I make milk.🍼🍼🍼😉😉😉 #BreastfeedingJourney #BreastfeedingMommy #SupportBreastfeeding #MommyDuty #myLav #myLife #NessangBessang #BlessedMom

Today, stacked up to be grand!
My youngest daughter (@cameronkaydavis ) and I spent the morning at @magnolia market. We ate lunch, took pictures, (because it's the silos!), shopped, and waited in line for cupcakes!! We were basically tourists from five minutes away!
It's funny; they always ask you where you're from. Then, they get excited when you say Waco.
Watch my stories for pictures and videos from the silos!
To make the day over the top, my three children came over for dinner tonight. I made one of their favorites (from childhood)--chicken enchiladas and beef enchiladas!! I love cooking for my family in my new kitchen. Makes this momma happy!! #blessedmom
So, tell me--where are you from? (BONUS--have you ever been to Magnolia Market in Waco??)

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