Chilling with the number 1 female Network Marketer in the world, Stormy Wellington's Millionaire Club!! #bumbleBEEstyling #iasotea #blessedlifemagazine #TLC #totallifechanges #skinntea #stormywellingtonsteam #stormywellington #fivepoundsinfivedays #atlanta #coolchick #

I just wrapped another great interview with Nigerian native and owner of Queen African Braiding, Esther. She has a special relevance to this issue because of the current situation that is going on in Nigeria. An emotional connection so strong that when I asked her about the situation her brother had to step in and handle the remaining portion of the interview and answer my signature question (What three words best describe you?) for her. And with heartfelt conviction he said, " Esther is LOVING. She is a BLESSING to our family and the epitome of COURAGEOUS." I have 2 remaining interviews for this issue and I must say these women are inspirational. They are more than business owners, activists, ministers and entertainers, they are truly phenomenal women with extraordinary testimonies behind their beautiful smiles. #blessedlifemagazine #summerissue

Dr Julianne Cenac, Asst. VP of Regent University PCE and Faith Shelton, Real Estate Agent at Shaffer. #blessedlifemagazine

Shout to Ms Kelly repping The League and #Blessedlifemagazine on this snowy day.

Special Thanks to Pastor Joe Baker #2 most inspirational pastor in #blessedlifemagazine and The Refuge Nation Church for having me as guest today.

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