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🦁On Work Mode Creating More Anthems For Uh Guyz Love u #BPraak #BlessedByYou #FanLove♥️🙏☺️☺️🙏

So thankful for this beauty who turns 18 today! You are my best friend and my favourite little sister, love you Gigi & happy birthday🎉💕 #blessedbyyou #iloveyoucora

We got a sweet care package! From @lara_n_apollo_boxers , @gabytapalacios and @dakotadogco !! You all are THE BEST!! Thank you! Milo is so excited to try all of his yummy treats!! #blessedbyyou #thankyou #sogratefulforyou #IG❤️

I feel like drowning but the tide is too low #blessedbyyou

In my justifiably biased opinion, you make this wonderfully, crazy world much better. Your kindness towards all, your devotion, your gentleness, your unceasing work ethic, your cats got the cream grin, (and that crinkle your eyes) your willingness to always give, most especially your time and numerous talents. Today and everyday it's been an honour being yours ...happy birthday. #frohdasesdichgibt #blessedbyyou # ichliebedich @gilberthfr

These front doors have seen a lot of bee-utiful moments over the last year! Thank you to all of you for keeping our little cottage so busy & blessed💛🐝🏠 #thebeeandthebiscuit #homesweethome #thehousethatlovebuilt #blessedbyyou

Shoutout to this guy for being one of the absolute greatest guys I know. One of the best hearts. 💙💙 #blessedbyyou


My Love 🙏❤ Reflecting On Yesterday's Valley Adventure. We Arrived At IAO Valley & The Pond We Originally Wanted To Take The Kids To Had Already Been Occupied By Several Families. So We Hiked Further Up And Came Upon A Small Pond Not Even Deep Enough To Stick Our Heads Under And Not Big Enough For All Of Us To Jump In. The Man My Husband Is He Told Us "Just Come This Side" And He Carried Rocks Out One By One And Made Sure We Had A Pond To Swim In. From Pretty Much A Puddle To This Beautiful Pond. This Moment Reminded Me Of When I was A Little Girl And My Dad Did The Same Thing For Me And My Brother. He Literally Constructed A Pond For Us, It Was Beautiful 🙏❤ Paukukalo Days....Truly Blessed With This Hard Working Family Loving Man. WHEN THERE'S A WILL , THERE'S A WAY 🙌🙏👍✌🌈🌈 #thepoweroflove #father #husband #mybestfriend #hardworker #family #onepeople #onelove #blessedbyyou #thanksandpraises

HOWARD made💙Phylicia Rashad and Wendy Raquel Robinson. The Mecca.
✨Repost Wendy Raquel Robinson
There are no words for this woman right here! I've admired and followed her career for years, even saw her on Broadway in Into the Woods, but to see her rip the stage as SHEILA in Head of Passes is an acting MASTER CLASS! So rich, colorful, heart wrenching and flawless...you MUST experience this genius onstage. I feel blessed and inspired to have witnessed. @PhyliciaRashad you are a beast and beauty, I pray that my work will one day rise to that level, thank you for the constant inspiration and #MOTIVATION! You make Howard and Prof Katz proud😘😱🔥love you to the sky!#BlessedbyYOU

Feeling a little homesick lately plus my little sissy is adorable! #arizonabound #blessedbyyou #avilafamily #sistersforlife #treasuredmoments #cherishmoments #isitchristmasyet

My sweet husband always has my front and my back #blessedbyyou #kateanddanetietheknot

We got a sweet care package! From @lara_n_apollo_boxers , @gabytapalacios and @dakotadogco !! You all are THE BEST!! Thank you! Milo is so excited to try all of his yummy treats!! #blessedbyyou #thankyou #sogratefulforyou #IG❤️

My evening was enriched with such encouraging conversation! Appreciate you @brookecooke! #adored #treasured #blessedbyyou #enriched

"Every girl needs another she can always lean on!!" Happy Birthday to the most awesome support & friend a girl could have: As beautiful inside as outside!! @mimagy #blessedbyyou #soulsisters #birthdaybuddies #letscelebrate #godgavemeyou #leanonme #loveyouMi #friendsforlife #sparkle

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