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So thankful for this beauty who turns 18 today! You are my best friend and my favourite little sister, love you Gigi & happy birthday🎉💕 #blessedbyyou #iloveyoucora

here are my senior pics, hopefully I'll actually graduate 🙏🏼

🦁On Work Mode Creating More Anthems For Uh Guyz Love u #BPraak #BlessedByYou #FanLove♥️🙏☺️☺️🙏

I don't know what the lord was doing when he placed you two crazies in my life, but I'm sure glad he did. Love you both so much! #blessedbyyou

These front doors have seen a lot of bee-utiful moments over the last year! Thank you to all of you for keeping our little cottage so busy & blessed💛🐝🏠 #thebeeandthebiscuit #homesweethome #thehousethatlovebuilt #blessedbyyou

Coffee date + Bestie = 😍

Im a little late posting this picture, but I had such a great time visiting with Elizabeth earlier in the week! I am so proud of all that you are doing in Vienna & hope that I will be able to visit you there again soon! Love you friend ❤️
#coffeedate #friendship #blessedbyyou #makingmemories #friends

No matter where this wild life takes us, I am so blessed to have you by my side every step of the way. It hasn't always been easy, but with time it's gets better and better. I love you 😏😍 @christopher_randall #blessedbyyou #myfuture

If you ever end up having to be 5000+ miles from home, i recommend finding yourself a girl like this! Good days, bad days, and everyday in between just knowing she's thinking about you makes the distance seem non-existent! #neveradullmoment #blessedbyyou 👌💯🔥

Thanks for laughing with me, Thanks for listening to me without Judgement, Thanks for Encouraging me, Thanks for being the Person God Created You to be #BlessedbyYou #StayBeautiful💛


We drove all the way to get flowers for our colleague and his car failed him when we are leaving! He felt bad "throwing" me to cab alone, but I'm perfectly fine completing the task myself.☺️
#goodtimesandbadtimes #白小姐耍脾气 #mypersonaluber #runningerrandstogether #thankyouHun #blessedbyyou #myawesomephotographer📸 #2Nov2016

All I know is you hypnotize me, and I can't take my eyes off you. #countrylovesongkindalove #blessedbyyou

This man. Right here ❤️Happy 6months handsome. Can't wait for 6x infinity more with you!! #myguy #iloveyou #beachbums #couples #soulmate #blessedbyyou #tattoos @whiskeywilldo

here are my senior pics, hopefully I'll actually graduate 🙏🏼

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