Reach up and grab your happiness. ☀️ #livelifetothefullest

Last month I was privileged to be chosen to be in a small group of leaders in this business and today I was honored to take a picture with the CEO of our company for implementing the training and growing my business.
The motto I always want my tribe and clients to say about me is “I’m Here To Help” 🔅No question, comment, struggle or triumph is off limits. Day ☀️or night. 🌙 🔅I'm human, just like you. There are days I don't want to push through what my head is telling me and sometimes, my mind wins the day. I'm still here to help. To share how our commonalities can make us better - because we are doing this together. 👭👭👭 🔅When you're struggling to figure out this business and what works to HELP MORE - you NEVER DO IT ALONE. I'm always here to help. My "door" is always open and the better everyone is , the more people we can reach for this cause. The cause of ending the obesity trend here in America, in Canada and the UK! What we do here is healing FAMILIES. It's stopping the arguments over money 💰 or the lack of it. Eliminating some of the stresses that finances bring on a monthly basis - all because we choose to say "I'm Here To Help"
Talk about POWERFUL!
Thank you @carldaikeler for this amazing gift that I’m so blessed to share. 🎁

Everyone, meet our son!
Giovanni Nhân Ocaña-Ngô ❤ Born on June 19, 2018 at 5:27am, weighing 6lbs even measuring 20" My heart is so unimaginably full 😍 Thank you Jorge for giving me a son and making me a mommy! I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you so much!

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us." J. R. R. Tolkien
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You don’t get to complain about your life, when kids like these and many others, live off the bare minimum & are still able to smile. This picture says a 1000 words. I wish I could do more❤️🇿🇦
We are so blessed and privileged my friends, you don’t even realize it 📸 @ashraf_rsa #mycapetown #mysouthafrica #wedontknowthestruggle #blessedbeyondmeasure #growyourown #weskaap

He was one of my first friends and he would have been 100 today. My eyes sting, wet with fresh tears, as I type this. I miss him terribly.
In a serendipitous moment, I found myself walking by the very same gate in Vancouver airport that I surprised and welcomed him from a few years ago - for his last family trip. He didn’t know I was flying in for this trip and when he saw me he said “You look just like my grand daughter! Oh! Andrea! It’s you!” The chills are real and they are comforting.
I choose to remember the life he lived, the example he set and the love he gave over his almost 98 years.
- - -
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We had the most amazing morning at #theEnd everyone there treated us like family and guess what we got to sit in during their live studio radio program Top ten countdown.. they are hilarious everyone... we got the grand tour from Kevin no longer the intern!! And Gavin loves his Lemmontree picture! Jace is considering a career as a radio host!!!! #soblessed #1065theend #top10countdown 🎧🎤🔌🎙 oh they gave us a bobble head and signed it! #blessedBeyondMeasure @am.prosser #hoursOfFun

Working from home today and the hubby swung by with a special treat for me in recognition of our 14 month wedding anniversary! Marriage is a journey and you don't know what to expect each day....but one thing that is consistent is my love for this man and his for me unconditionally. 💞💞💞 #thomasuwahaffair #042217 #14monthsdown #yeswecelebratethemonths #flowersareourweddingcolors #plusgray #favoritesnack #overpricedfruitbowls #blessedbeyondmeasure #everydayisvalentinesday

Ummmm 💯 accurate 🤷🏼‍♀️😂#truth

Shabbat Shalom from Israel.
Where will you be this #Shabbat?

I never went to Prom
(In fairness, in my day we hadn’t fully embraced the whole American experience of Limos and Hair Appointments and... well... corsages!!! We didn’t have Freddie Prince Jr sweeping you off your feet, and Usher commanding everyone to “Split like the Red Sea” for a full on “She’s All That” dance off. No, in the UK it was more a case of a School Disco in the Gym, with Cherryade and the Maths Teacher acting as DJ!!!!)
I never got to wear a corsage...
Until today!!!
Thank you to those who made it happen today
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Even on the cloudiest of days, I’m amazed at how clearly I can still see things. #BlessedBeyondMeasure

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