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As we age, our lips tend to look thinner because our natural lip color starts to recede. A blended lip liner done by #micropigmentation (#pmu) could be the answer you're looking for! Not only can a natural color be achieved, it can help with lip lines by creating collagen at the lips edge.
#permanentmakeup #lips #liptattoo #blendedlipliner #nouveaucontour #skinneedling

Before / after blended lip liner. Had a model cancel, so this is a collaboration between myself and another student. I tattooed the vermillion border (white line around lips) and inner shading. #liptattoo #linertattoo #blendedlipliner #tattoo #newhampshiretattoo #massachusettstattoo #micropigmentation #cosmetictattoo

Before / after blended lip liner. Had a model cancel, so this is a collaboration between myself and another student. I tattooed the vermillion border (white line around lips) and inner shading. #liptattoo #linertattoo #blendedlipliner #tattoo #newhampshiretattoo #massachusettstattoo #micropigmentation #cosmetictattoo

Wake up and don't makeup💋 #permanentlips #blendedlipliner #lipcolor {image via Pinterest}

Looking for definition in your lip line with just a little color? Great way to get your upper lip back and plump up your pout! 3 choices, lip liner alone, lip liner with Blended Color or lip liner with full color. Book at www.carefree-beauty.com #blendedlipliner #permanentmakeup #permanentcosmetics #carefreebeauty #lynnwoodpermanentmakeup #seattlepermanentmakeup #washingtonpermanentmakeup

This is what spending NO TIME on your makeup LOOKS LIKE! She literally wakes up looking like this! 😍This lucky woman did the works! She had her eyebrows, eyeliner and her lips all enhanced with permanent makeup. I ran into her at the salon and had to take pictures of her healed results. Perfection! 👌🏼 #softap #permanentmakeup #fullface #totaltransformation #eyebrowsonfleek #powderfill #eyeliner #blendedlipliner #lowmaintenance #perfection #alldolledupbyjade

My client came in for her detail session today for her full face of permanent makeup. Her eyebrows were her favorite out of everything she said!!! 😍They used to be so light and sparse that tinting them didn't even help. She even said everyone noticed she looked different but couldn't put their finger on it. That's what I LOVE is I can make it look as subtle or as dramatic as YOU want! 👌🏼Today I darkened her eyebrows slightly, made her eyeliner slightly thicker and did her blended lip liner so it shows up more. Her lips before didn't have a very defined shape. The blended lip liner will define her shape, give her a beautiful color and give her a full pouty lip! 💋 Everything (especially the lips because I did the most on them) will soften and lighten as they heal. Hopefully I can get healed pictures when I see her in the salon again! 📷 #browsonfleek #softap #eyelineronpoint #lips #blendedlipliner #naturallook #lowmaintenance #perfectbrows #happyclient #lovemyjob #alldolledupbyjade

It was a full face transformation for this lucky lady! She looks absolutely stunning immediately after!!! 🔥🔥🔥 When everything heals it will be more subtle and very natural looking. She looked absolutely amazing walking out of my room! However, I like to start conservative when a client isn't use to wearing makeup because I can always add more but I can't take it away. I did a SofTap powder fill on her eyebrows, thin smokey eyeliner on top/bottom and a subtle blended lip liner. She's totally set now and never has to worry about how she looks during her crazy busy life! 👌🏼🤗 #lovemyjob #naturalbeauty #lowmaintenance #softap #eyelineronpoint #smokeyeye #powderfill #browart #blendedlipliner #mt #alldolledupbyjade

Since I am building my portfolio, I am doing a permanent makeup special! $200 for any one procedure to the first 4 people to book an appointment with me! That's 50% off and although I will try to do specials every now and then, you will never see the price this low again! I was trained by the best @imaniartistry @britney.pma and I am really excited to continue to show you guys the awesome work I can do!💋 Let me make your mornings easier!! DM me to make your appointment.
*Orange County appointments only.
*One special per person
*Deposit required

The colour Pink Lemonade is redefining this ladies lips adding just enough pop to bring her smile back to life.
Keep in mind this procedure will fade up to 80% after healing takes place in just 3 days.

Enjoy this outcome for only $389!!! Yours kindly,
Mrs. Angela Hobbs
Your Permanent Make-up Expert.


Touched up these pretty brows yesterday! She was one of the first brows I did on my own! Also, take a look at her blended lip liner, which was done by @hmbrox 2 weeks ago! Aren't they gorgeous! ❤

Blended lips today! My pretty client thought it would be fun to do a time laps video! I will post a before and after soon! They are going to look so pretty when they are healed! ❤

Remember these lips from 2 weeks ago? Here they are healed after the 1st session! A little more color will pop thru during week 3. Aren't they gorgeous! ❤

Permanent makeup. Beautiful lip liner blend! It will soften and become smooth and beautiful. Healed picture will come later. Keep you updated. #permanentmakeuplasvegas #permanentmakeup #blendedlipliner #softtap #beautifulmakeup #flawless

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