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Obsessing over this Prawn Gassi with naan and neer dosa at Ankur.

#blehEats #foodporn #yummy

🍨Baklava, Salted Caramel & Rocky Road at @bybloskitchen. Superb flavours and textures. Kudos, Chef Nidhi! 🍧 That Baklava ice cream, though. 😍 #getinmybelly #yummy #blehEats

Fantasizing about this pizza Calabrese by Pizza Express.

#unbuttoningpants #blehEats #foodporn #pizzalovin'

🍕 The American Hottest is my idea of an ideal pizza – pepperoni, jalapenos, fresh red chili, spicy and soft N’duja sausage, passata and buffalo mozzarella, baked and then topped with more fresh mozzarella, torn parsley and a chili oil. 🍕😍 🍝 More on the Summer Menu at @pizzaexpressin on blehlovesfood.com🍴 #summer #foodporn #getinmybelly #blehEats

Amazing soufflé made by the amazing Cousin!

#unbuttoningpants #getinmybelly #blehEats #foodporn

These succulent, spicy Jusheela Murgh Tikkas put every other Chicken Tikka I've had to shame! 🍖🍗🔥😍 🍴A Nawabi dinner at Evviva Sky Lounge up on blehlovesfood.com now! 🍷 #foodporn #getinmybelly #blehEats

#brekkie at Todi Mill Social with Tiny!
Saddlebag pancakes w/bacon & chicken sausages, topped with a fried egg. A tad bit undercooked for me, though I love what they've done with the space!
#socialoffline #blehEats

Dessert much?

Insanely delicious & fun lunch at #theBombayCanteen today.
Brb, falling into a #foodcoma.

#dessert #foodporn #blehEats

Enjoyed some of @streetmeat15's lip-smacking good Thai chicken gol-gappas for #lunch today! 😋


This til-gud cake at @thebombaycanteen is all kinds of layered goodness.
Featuring: a sesame sponge smothered with a dark chocolate & jaggery ganache (!!) and a light buttercream, wafer-thin sesame chikki and til-gud, drizzled with a bit of jaggery caramel, sitting on a bed of citrus custard sauce. 😋
I wish all my past & future birthday cakes could be this cake. 🎂
Broke all my restrictions to eat this and it was 100% worth it.
@tiffintales you are a genius.

#thebombaycanteen #mychefstable #indiainspired #tilgud #everydayiscakeday #getinmybelly #bombaycanteen #blehlovesfood #foodtalkindia #mumbaifoodie #eeeeeats #bombaynotmumbai #dessertdreams #blehEats

For my fellow Catholics: craving that taste of the communion wafer? Wait no more. #TraderJoes has your back. #CatholicProblems #TastesLikeCardboard #TraderJoesTrickery #MadeMeFeelLikeImAtChurch #BlehEats #Why

❄Winter is a bar of Mini  Marshmallows enrobed in exquisite Belgian Milk Chocolate.

Made me feel warm and fuzzy, wishing for sweater weather to be here again.❄ (1/4) // Sweet 🍫

P.S. totally obsessed with the cats in sweaters.

Perfectly seared, tender Pork Belly with a sharp tamarind sauce, on a bed of bright pineapple + sprouts + coriander salad. Yum!

@leplaisirpune, you beaut. 👌

When it's Thursday and you've got a hankering for Cake, but @bake.love and @fatcatscafe are shut, so you pop in to @oneoeightcafe for a Ragi Cookie and discover this gorgeous, equally delicious (healthy) Cake = 💯💯💯👌 Day. Made.

The Prawns Tempura at @farzicafe are anything but ordinary - topped with the lightest chili-lime foam ‘air’ that packs a solid punch of flavour.

More on what to try at Farzi Cafe Pune #ontheblog: http://blehlovesfood.com/2016/09/02/farzi-cafe-pune (link in profile)

Afternoons made of @thevigourkart's Energy Bites and new books are the best!

The Nutella & Raw Cocoa with coconut is an absolute delight. 👌

Possibly one of the top 3 things I ate in #Singapore last summer was the Mala Hot Pot. Punchy and delicious! 👌

I loved the 'build your bowl' concept that the Anchor Point Food Court offered, and my cousin and I loaded ours with fresh veggies and tender cuts of meat (read: beef). 🍲
More on Singaporean food and the what to eat #ontheblog at http://blehlovesfood.com/2016/07/08/singaporean-food-is-amazing (link in profile).

I had a sweet, sweet dream about the Almond Tuile dessert from #Boteco two nights ago.
Layered with doce de leite, whipped cream and fresh mango pieces, this dish was a delight to eat.
Though a couple of the elements can be very sweet on their own, they struck a balance here with the sticky, creamy and fresh tastes and textures that play out on your tongue. Yum. 👌

When the Pizza smells so amazing you can't even wait 5 seconds longer.. 🍕

The Massimo at @thegreedyman is possibly my favourite one yet. Named after Chef Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana, it comes layered with spicy Italian sausages, hot red chillies, mixed peppers and fresh oregano + basil.
BTW their house-made chili oil goes deliciously well when all you've got left is the crust.
So gorgeous, so worth it. 👌

Lusting after these smashing Lamb Galouti Kebabs at @conradpune's Coriander Kitchen.

More #ontheblog at blehlovesfood.com/2016/06/22/conrad-coriander-kitchen (link in profile).

Gary's dish: roast chicken with a sesame-podi-curryleaf-crispy potato bits crust, served on a bed of pav bhaji spiced carrot pureé, with pickled carrots, microherbs and jus.

This was the tasting portion served to audience members in his Master Class.
Ref to the post before this on Gary's ethos behind plating, and his response to an audience member who asked the most inane question.

BTW this also tasted delicious - I loved the pickle-y bite of the carrots contrasting against the rest of the dish which had much softer textures.


Couldn't have asked for a better homecoming than @streetmeat15's Burrito Bowl! 🤗
Aromatic Mexican spiced rice (think fennel, cilantro, lime juice, orange zest) smothered with saucy, cheesy beans, protein of your choice (I chose chicken), lettuce, salsa, hot sauce and crème fraîche - it's a gorgeous bowl of goodness. 😋👌 #treatyoself at Street Meat Café in Lane 6, Koregaon Park.

Finally got my hands on a bowl of Pho! 🤗
Beef & brisket cuts simmered in a steaming hot fatty broth with noodles, scallions and coriander was much more comforting than I had thought. Added a bit of a tangy chili paste to the soup, for more spice.
Crunchy Vietnamese rolls on the side completed this perfect meal. 😋👌
This is as close to the real thing as it's going to get for me, until I make a trip to Vietnam.

Crispy falafel with crunchy pickled veggies encased in a pillowy pita bread makes for an amazing afternoon snack. 👌

More about Coriander Kitchen at the newly launched Conrad - #ontheblog soon! 😋

This bowl of sunshine was my Lunch today. 🌞
Made my favourite Za'atar Chicken and Couscous + Salad for the 100th time today and this was the best version yet (if I do say so myself)! An oldie but a goodie, find the #recipe at blehlovesfood.com! 😊

Sautéed mushrooms on a baguette with rocket & goat's cheese - a deliciously cheeky (but still kinda healthy) cheat meal at @oneoeightcafe.
I think I've eaten more veggies in this past week than I've eaten in the last 6 months. Yay.

I 💜 surprises!
Thought this was going to be a low-key week, but now I can't wait to see what's in store at @farzicafe tomorrow night! 😊

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