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🍁...but the one who bleeds and dies a hundred times...🍁#thinkingofyou #memories #mylife #bleedingwords #cares

मेरे बारे में
कितनी गलतफहमियों पाल रख्खी थीं,
और आज तुमने खुद ही सब की सब खारिज़ कर दीं
आज शायद फिर मेरा #प्यार तुम्हारे #इश्क़ पर भारी पड़ गया ....
या उसे भी तुम्हारे लिये वही ग़लतफ़हमी हो गयी जो कभी तुम्हें मेरे लिये थी .......? वेसे तुम मेरे #प्यार और अपने #इश्क़ में फ़र्क समझती हो..?
ख़ैर छोड़ो.... तुम नहीं समझोगी...!
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Hay bolígrafos que cortan
Te convierten en cirujano
Operarte sin anestesia
Usando tu propia mano .
#bleedingwords ✍🏼

// everything that is destroyed isn't necessarily dirt, sometimes it is what makes you fly

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Do you smell blood?
It’s a fresh wound, I see.
The one that hurts the most,
The one that takes some time
To get accustomed to.
I see you are new to this,
Your cheeks, still stained with tears,
Eyes red with remorse
And hands involuntarily
Sliding towards the wound.
There’s certain newness in the air
The one that a predator feels
When its prey is near.
Turn your palms,
Not sweaty, are they?
And your nails?
Are they big enough
To gnaw through skin?
Or can you still feel the dirt of remorse
Struck between them?
The head will hurt, initially
But as time goes by
And you grow horns of indifference,
The pain will be replaced by numbness.
Your feet will turn backward too,
And you will hear the bones break
For a fraction of a second,
While your mind will take you back
To every heart wrenching memory
That you do not want to go back to.
Did something crumble inside?
Don’t worry, the heart is reforming.
This time, not with glass.
Draw a knife over the finger, go on.
The floor wont get flooded with red.
Your blood dried a long ago.
Turn to the mirror, lift your eyes.
Hollow white sockets stare back,
Don’t ask me what happened,
You know it was meant to.
Love, even though immortal
Is sometimes the advent of a monster.

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***A story ***
"I used to think people after drinking becomes monsters. I've seen one in my life, in my home, everyday, for the past 18 years. I've seen how he turned into something so cruel, something who couldn't have mercy on anyone. How he acted like we didn't matter, because his hand never shaked before hitting us, hard, when he was drunk but in the morning he used to be so much bearable, so much loving, so much caring.
I used to think alcohol make people ruthless, merciless, unloving. Drunkards aren't people, they are crazy beasts who only long to harm someone, who suddenly become sadists. And I am anything but fearless in front of them.
You know that's just another reason why I chose you. It was not that I didn't love you, I did, with all my heart, with all my soul, but honestly I'd have allowed my heart to bury all such feelings deep inside if you were a drunkard, but thank god you weren't. Because I've always had this fear from drunkards. I never told this to my mom, or my friends, or my dad, that I was scared of him, scared of his night camouflage. It wasn't some normal fear or some common phobia. I used to get nightmares, I used to wake up at late night keeping a hand over my mouth, muffling my own screams. I know how many pillows I've soaked in the fear of imagining what would happen if he comes. I know how many prayers I sent up in the heaven, wishing atleast one to get heeded. I just cannot put into words or even try to voice out my fear or my thoughts regarding drunkards.
You know yesterday, when you came inside drunk, I was shocked, I was numb, but most importantly I was horrified. Those memories were coming back to me, those old healed scars started to pain again, those haunted scenes were playing right in front of my eyes. I was terrified thinking today after all those years, the same horror, terror, helplessness would be relived. The thing that I witnessed happening with my mom, with me ample number of times would be witnessed again in the home I thought was the safest for me, ironically, I heard parental home is the safest for child back then too. (Continued in comment)

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