The Glass House

He might be getting taller than me. 🎸 #bleachersmusic #thevanburenphx #highschoolgraduate2018 #brotherhood

GUYS!!!! IT HAS BEEN TWO WHOLE YEARS SINCE IVE SEEN MY YOUNGER SELF @alrxnoel SO WE GATHERED TO WATCH @bleachersmusic AND IT WAS SO MAGICAL🐊 #bleachers #bleachersmusic @jackantonoff

Brb, running off with @jackantonoff 😩

@bleachersmusic was WILD live! Jack Antonoff had the crowd pumped and singing along the whole time! It was MAGIC

Bleachers were transcendent #bleachersmusic #theglasshouseconcerthall

Right from the start I knew/ You'd set a fire in me/And I'd rather be sad with you/Than anywhere away from you... 🎶 Bleachers 💕 #bleachersmusic #jackantonoff #bleachers

not sure that we were meant to survive

It was such a rollercoaster, and a killer queen you are.

Holy shit what night!!!! I got to see my favorite band #bleachersmusic with the favorite person @hubbajos2319!! I still can't get over it!!!

Seeing my favorite band for the second time tonight and I’m already cryin🖤

It was @jackantonoff 's fabulous idea to recreate the photo we had him sign 🤘🤘🤘 #donttakethemoney #bleachersmusic #bleachers #allycoalition #volunteer

@bleachersmusic // 5.24.18

@bleachersmusic // 5.24.18

@bleachersmusic // 5.24.18

Oh my, @bleachersmusic killing it tonight for this sold out show 😻😻💕 thank to everyone who came out tonight! :) pic by: @twpphoto

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