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This ain’t a new strategy. Beyonce peaked in 2009 and her main strategy was to say less as possible and let the music speak for itself. That’s how she avoided all the controversies and remains having a good image in the general public. Taylor is doing this but it’s more smarter. She, like Beyonce, is maintaining the "mysteriousness" around your image, which works when you are at the top of your game. Additionally, her silence is like a punishment for the media and her fans understand this approach. They complain but they are understanding as well. It works because she can dodge talking about her past dramas, she can also evade the possibility of her words being twisted

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PEOPLE WHO WENT TO THE 1989 TOUR SHOULDN’T ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE IN THEIR LIVES. @taylorswift #taylor#taylorswift#1989#1989worldtour#1989tour#1989era#blankspace

What ever happened to the ‘it’s ok i wouldn’t fall in love w me either’ thing that happened a few days ago

I want @taylorswift to meet me in her Blankspace outfit holding her golf stick 🏌‍♀ 😀😍!!

I've changed my username and from now on this acc is only about Taylor. Btw, I'll be posting posts / photos from my TSL acc too.❤

Taylor I can't attend your reputation World Tour because you are not coming to my country but it's a huge request to you to perform Blackspace on reputation World Tour. I live for Blankspace Sydney performance 😍, SYDNEY SYDNEY, SYDNEY ❤. @taylorswift

That wink😉❣#taytay
#taylorswift #blankspace #reputation

Still in snow heaven, check back later 😎
#IgotNothing #snow #blankspace

Lyrics as aesthetics🌚✨”darling im a nightmare dressed like a daydream”-Taylor swift (Blank space)-Eve

#nichememes #taylorswift #blankspace #nichememeparty #nichememers

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