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I went to get something in my Jeep after my wife @thecrookedseam drove it all morning. A red sandal on the accelerator side & green sandal on the brake side. I wonder if her pedicure is trying to tell me something. #subliminal #goforbrake

Foggy hike

a week ago, roaming the woods. saw my first butterfly of the year (in february!) it was so warm and peaceful. #hipstatree #tinto1884lens #blankofilm #hipstamatic #hipsta_tree

Preparation 📷
In frame: @esaprasetya
Capture personal momments with #Hipstamatic app in my other IG @wahyumatic 😬🙌

Shopping for the weekend.
#hipstamatic #tinto1884 #blankofilm


Happy Valentine's Day

January 22nd 2017 - John S Lens, Blanko Film, Jolly Rainbo 2X Flash

I haven't been to the mall in a long while, stores are moved, lots of new sculptures and this is a set of three water tower looking things with neon lights inside. I think this is Tardis Magic because it was bigger on the inside hahaha. Each one had different neons. Everyone was taking pics and trying to figure out what it all means. #northparkmall #art #tinto1884 #blankofilm #hipstamatic #hipstadreamers