Blake lively and Ryan at the dead pool 2 premier. -
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Blake always writes the best captions in every photo @blakelively ..
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Not sure my lunch could get much prettier.. I️ mean look at that color 🙌🏻 Added spirulina & PB to my green smoothie bowl for a little extra detox help + the PB just speaks for itself.. 🤣

Day made when a red velvet smoothie from @blakeorchard shows up on your desk 🙌🏻Second Blake smoothie in less than a week isn't a problem right? 🤣

After a morning full of work, I just had to fuel up on some of my favs to keep me going! 😍 @momsorganicmunchies chocolate chunk #hemp cookie as an after lunch dessert and my favorite @blakeorchard #greenjuice to #nourish my body while I caught up with an old friend. 🌿🌱Got some greens + a little soul food too. 🤗 That's the beautiful thing about #intuitiveeating and choosing foods (most of the time) that help you #thrive; you can practice the art of #balance and #indulgence without a care in the world when the desire is REAL! ✌🏻💜

We’re sitting here this morning, eating our strawberry banana cacao chia seed smoothie with Chocolate @shakleehq #Lifeshake and thinking about our love for smoothies AND juices. 😍😝 There’s a lot of talk around #smoothies vs. #juices and which is better for you. 🤔 We think that BOTH are beneficial to your health and each have their place within a balanced lifestyle. ✌🏻 Like we said yesterday, #smoothies keep the #fiber of the fruits and veggies which helps with #digestion and is more of a hearty, full meal. Juicing is great for situations where #nutrients are needed quickly, digestion is poor or if you want a great #energy boost in between meals! Juicing removes the fiber so the nutrients can be absorbed faster by the body. We love smoothies for breakfast and juices (made of mostly veggies) for nourishing our bodies throughout the day. While we LOVE making our own juices and smoothies at home (hello creativity!), we also LOVE supporting local smoothie/juice shops (like our FAV @blakeorchard) when we need the goods on the go! 🏃🏼‍♀️ If you're a busy 🐝(most of us are!) but still want your smoothie + juice fix, support #local shops in your area that have these types of easy, nutrient dense liquids that you can pick up whenever you need them! Whether you’re more partial to smoothies (of the high quality chocolate variety) 😉 OR juices (full of greens) 🌿🌱, take some time this week to try incorporating the other form of deliciousness into your daily meal routines. You never know what you like until you try it! 💜

Bringing my favorite juice with me to work today! 🍃🌿🌱@blakeorchard #greenjuice is the perfect sidekick to our #kalesalad from dinner last night. 😍 I used to be self conscious of how I choose to fuel my body, but now I LOVE when people are curious and ask questions. It means that I'm sparking interest, conversation and hopefully subconsciously showing them how amazing eating #healthy can be! Stand up for what you believe in, do what works for you and BE THE LIGHT ✨🌟 You never know who you could be inspiring (without even knowing it). 💜💜

The best way to connect with new friends from away is with a #matchamint smoothie from @blakeorchard 😍 Meeting @girlinhealing for the first time was JUST like I expected it would be. She's just as kind, smart and fun in person as she seems on social media. This genuine, authentic connection is why I share my story openly here on IG. I've "met" so many wonderful, supportive people because of this platform.. and I hope to meet more in person in the near future! Cheers to genuine, authentic, raw connections that turn into instant friendships, the best smoothies in #PortlandMaine and the summer sunshine. Life is good! 😎☀️

This is how we #OldPortFest ✌🏻😍😋

Really diggin' my breakfast set up 😎

Smoothie bowls + V/GF food is how I'm spending my Sunday 😋

@clmaiorino and I are at @vegworcester today, helping out a fellow @fyfuniversity professor @blakeorchard!! #Smoothiebowls, #coldpressedjuice and #veganfood for daysss ✌🏻💜

Gloomy Friday essentials 💕 // Open 9a-6p #comethru #blakeorchard #blakeobsessed

That peanut butter overflow though 😍 Had to stop at one of our fav places for lunch while walking around in the Old Port. High quality, healthy, delicious eats - doesn't get anyyyy better than that! ☀️

s m o o t h i e b o w l s // #lifechanging #blakeblessed #blakeobsessed

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