I've been feeling really low with Fybro pain so I thought I'd cheer myself up with a craft project. I bought some cheap wedges from @peacocks_fashion and turned them into Japanese Lacquer. I shall be wearing them at the Blade Runner @secret_cinema on Sunday! @live.utopia #secretcinema #bladerunner #liveutopia #replicant #cosplay #repurposing #lacquer

#BladeRunner2049 from #DenisVilleneuve with #RyanGosling #HarrisonFord #JaredLeto #AnaDeArmas #MackenzieDavis #RobinWright and #SylviaHoeks
Set many years after #RidleyScott original #BladeRunner a new officer who still goes by that name is sent on a mission to retire old replicants but this leads him to unearth a very big secret which leads him travelling to find #Deckard to answer what has been raised, the only thing is, is that Deckard has been missing for 30 odd years which Officer K must try to find. First of all I'm gonna say, What a film. Every time I watch this 2049 it completely blows me away and I think I've watched it 6 or 7 times now since it's release on October of 2017, Im not sure whether this is a lot or if it really isn't. Anyways, the film. We mainly follow a replicant police officer who works for the LAPD known as K, he's a stronger brand new model of replicants and is used to retire these older models. He then gets a different case which is to find a child, after finding evidence that a replicant woman pre-blackout was able to give birth, something that has never happened before. This search leads him to one of the first blade runners which is Deckard, who has gone into hiding, K manages to track him to ask him some questions and to party with music from Elvis and get drunk with a dog. With this aside, being a Villeneuve film it has some of the best visuals and cinematography that I've seen, each shot is so beautifully and perfectly constructed, something someone could talk about in a lot of detail, this is the same story with the sound, you are able to feel everything hit and every gun shot that goes, it's painful at sometimes. The film is very loud too, being quiet most of the time you're then hit with some deafening noises. I can't fault this movie. There's so much more in this I want to talk about and can talk about but let's leave it as a visual masterpiece and one of the best science fiction films out there. -
RATING: 9.7/10

The evolution continues and we've installed our clothing rail!

Do androids dream of electric sheep?? Thanks for getting this Boone!! @treasuretattoo #treasuretattoo #bladerunner #philipkdick #stclaude

Sorry for overload of PicsOfMyFace past couple days (SelfieObsessed much?! 😄), but I cannot stop thinking about the #BladeRunner #secretcinema event and a huge part of it was about the effort we put into the characters we were given; as with the #MoulinRouge one, when you fully immerse yourself in the whole experience it becomes ten times more enjoyable - we totally felt like we were IN BladeRunner, @70sthrowback using his P.I. character to follow leads and interact directly with the superb cast; and me taking on the whole ‘replicant companion’ thing, speaking to JF Sebastian in his workshop, being ‘conditioned’ by Tyrell... I won’t say any more but seriously, if you love the movie, just GO.
Also- I might get a permanent face tattoo. #donttellmum #midlifecrisis #shushnow

Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard
Pastels on paper

Inspired by the Japanese themes of the Blade Runner production design and my Haori jacket by @fujikimono, I had the idea of painting these heels to look like Japanese red lacquer, the Crysanthemum design is fairly easy to draw, which I did with a gold pen then filled in the background with @official_humbrol paint 20, 'Crimson Gloss' it was left over from a model plane @morayonkeys made and is the perfect red lacquer colour. It will need another coat plus a coat of varnish to set it, not bad eh? #secretcinema #bladerunner #liveutopia #replicant#cosplay #redlacquer


Before and after

Man, I've missed my boomsticks
#bladerunner #nerfgun

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