Shear cut and Beard cut

Beard and Haircut. It awesome to think that Rusty and I worked together for some years and now he is a client. Good times then, good times now.

Lunch break Haircut.


Haircut and Beard.

When it comes to a new haircut/ hair style sometimes it’s easier to work your way towards it.

Last one for the day. Have a great night.


Stop by for some product and get yourself a tumbler. 🐗

Oh and we have tumblers 😁🐗

Stickers are here! Come get one! 🐗

What did you do today? We got got some stickers made! They will be here on Monday!

Happy to announce our first shirt is now available for order! Send us a DM if you want one!

Just got some @1821manmade samples in, come by before they are gone!

Have a great weekend. Styled with @1821manmade Paste.

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