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Новый год по "черному")) #SkyLounge, #DjKosta, #МестоКрасивыхЛюдей, #BlackXmas))

One of these is great and one of them is great trash. You be the judge of which is which lol #blackchristmas #blackxmas #horror #horrorcollection


Black X-mas 🖤 #blackxmas #ingrosso

🖤 #blackxmas

PERFORACIONES GRATIS!!! Hoy y mañana desde las 19:00 hasta las 1 am en nuestro Black Xmas de @amor_real_tattoo_baquedano, por primera vez realizaremos todos los procedimientos de forma gratuita, al compra una joyería de un valor igual o superior a 35 mil pesos. Aparte tendremos descuento entre un 20, 30 y 50% en piezas de titanio, opalos, cristales swarovski y oro de 14k

Los turnos serán atendidos por orden de llegada!!! Los esperamos en Arturo Burhle 057 metro baquedano!

Buen Jueves Amigos mios!
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Watching my movie 😂😂😂#blackxmas

Jacob Pick #13: "Black XMas"
Chantal's Rating: 0/3
Synopsis: An escaped maniac returns to his childhood home on Christmas Eve, which is now a sorority house, and begins to murder the sorority sisters one by one.
We go back and forth, showing each other movies we love that the other hasn't seen yet.
This account shares what movies one has made a "pick" and what the other thought of it on a scale of 0-3.
Let us know what you thought of each movie!
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#xenomorphing81horrorchallenge Day 3 : Fav Intoxicated Character : #crystallowe's Lauren from #blackchristmas / #blackxmas. She didn't give a single heck. #horror #horrornerd #horrormovies #horrorfilm #instahorror

Black X-Mass Review: Honestly, I am not against horror remakes. I like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Friday The 13th, Dawn of the Dead, The Crazies, and The Hills Have Eyes remakes. This movie was a massive disappointment on all fronts. I watched it pretty close to Christmas and has recently watch Silent Night Deadly Night. I have not yet seen the original, but anything has to be better than this. The film has almost no likable characters, horrible generic plot, and bad execution. I'm ok with generic plotting, but if you go with generic you have to have an interesting story and good characters. This has none of those. Just about every main characters is an unlikable, stuck up brats. You can't really like the majority of the cats because you're too busy wishing they'd die already. Then we have the villains. We have a ok slot of bag guys. One of them gets pretty good development, and the other just exists for a good twist. If you see this as a spoiler, do yourself a favor and don't watch the movie. The plot is even worse. I wasn't intrigued because the characters kept making the stupidest decisions. I'm ok with a few dumb moves and mistakes, but this movie will test how much stupidly you can take. It doesn't help that the movie goes with gore over plot. While the gore effects are amazing and thrilling, it really can't save a mess of a film. Overall the movie can't be a guilty pleasure for the Holiday's sake, and you're better off just watching the original or Silent Might Deadly Night. If it do find yourself viewing this, you better make sure you can stand the awful characters, plot, and high levels of stupidity. 4/10
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