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Tiny forget me nots. I get a lot of requests for tiny flowers but I rarely post them on here. (Because I want to do more GIANT TATTOOS ) But sometimes small and simple is very satisfying! 🌱🌸

Had a great time yesterday creating my visual interpretation of the stoned ape theory. "The Stoned Ape Theory is a controversial theory from Terence McKenna which states that a lot of our advanced human evolution came as a result of the ingestion of psilocybin mushrooms, also known as magic mushrooms. Although this theory is highly attested in academic circles it is still a very interesting theory. My client Nick toughed out his very first tattoo session for 11 hours, like an absolute champ .

Added some more to my pal @xartfuldodger (in progress) thanks for sitting like a champ! #gastowntattoo #blackworkerssubission @blackworkers

Details!! For bookings and questions, email: antimalice@gmail.com

Cute knees for a cute lady, thanks so much Rosie-Beth! Email Barbara.lowenberg@gmail.com for bookings at @theblacklodge

When I said I wanted to do more bird tatts, this is not what I meant. BUT I LOVE IT ANYWAYS!! Thank you Ella!


Did this lil floral dog biscuit (hundkex?) on my momma. She's my worst customer; complains about the music and tells me how to do my household economics. But I guess she's ok. ❀️



It's been a long week, but thank goodness it's Friday. I stole this photo from @ebbapalmkvist , who decided to get Amy as her first tattoo. Pretty true if you ask me. Have a wonderful weekend everybody, stay safe and drink lots of water!

I love doing small cursive texts, not because it's particularly challenging, but simply because I spent my entire childhood forced to refine my cursive handwriting in school. And I'm so happy that it actually was worth it hahaha Did y'all have that in school too? Is it still a thing?

I forget to take pictures, post pictures, and check up on how they healed aaaaaall the time. So a lot of the tattoos I do, I sometimes rarely get to see again. So it makes me so incredibly happy when customers send pictures, like Frida did here. ❀️ Thank you so much Frida! I love doing texts!! Book more texts guys.

An owl with a swollen tail β€οΈπŸ¦‰ MORE BIRDS, GUYS! Come at me. Thank you Zuzana !

Cerastes cerastes, horned viper. Venemous, native viper to Northern Africa and the Middle East. Snakes have long been associated with the devil and his servants, thanks to judeo-christian mythology. But not everywhere they have been omens of evil: for example, in greece they were earthbound creatures, children of Gaia and guardians of all things earthly; In India they are still considered gods, mostly regarding fertility; and in the Americas the Nahuatls had many serpent deities: Mixcoatl, Quetzalcoatl, Coatlicue and more.
More photos of the full piece will come soon. ;) #tattoo #snake #sphynxtattoo #viper #serpent #horned #chest #arm #back #sleeve #blackwork #blacktattoo #blxkink #blxckink #blackworkerssubission #btattooing #darktattoo #onlythedarkest #sobelow #tttpublishing #ttt #tttism #linework #etching

When I said I wanted to do more bird tatts, this is not what I meant. BUT I LOVE IT ANYWAYS!! Thank you Ella!

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