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“I don’t write the type of literature that’s expected of an author of color from Africa. I don’t wax lyrical about oppression and Apartheid (I’m from South Africa), nothing about a scorched earth and its inhabitants…dark Africa… but Africa isn’t as dark to me as the picture often painted in the international media. People here also love. And we also write romance novels.” Inge Saunders
Inge, founder of the Africa Online Book Fair, just spoke my mind... yea those social injustices and corruption exist in Africa just like they exists in varying degrees in Europe and even the Americas.
I prefer to educate on the beauty of the continent and write about love.
Faith. Romance. African Spice

June 1st. I’ll be in the midst of some amazing authors from all aroundAfrica.
How cool is technology where I’ll be in Atlanta interacting with other parts of the world🙂 powered in South Africa! —————-
It’s going down on Facebook, type Africa Online Book Fair and join the fun!
I’ll be giving away some books😉

Wisdom Wednesday: A short excerpt from the introduction: “As you begin this walk with Christ, your faith is going to be tested. There is no way around this. As odd as it sounds, you do need your faith to be tested. It’s in our tests that we find out how much we actually know and are prepared for. It also reveals what we don’t know and areas to study and strengthen at. If it had not been for the test, we wouldn’t know either of those two things. (James 1:2-5). “
If you are living through the season in your life when everyone and everything is testing your faith, count it all joy. It’s in this test that you learn yourself, and learn what God has in you and wants to do through you.

Want to read more? Head over to Amazon.com and type in 7 Days 7 Ways to Your Prayers and Praise to order your copy today!

Even in the hardest moments, her heart remained soft.

If you want to know a thing about me, I ALWAYS bet on black women. 🌹 We are the true roses who’ve continually grown from concrete.
Today I voted for 5 black women running for public office, including @staceyabrams who (I pray) will become the first black woman governor of GA.
TODAY, I voted for the black women ancestors who fought for the lives for the right to do so several years ago.
My view on politics is simple. ALWAYS bet on black women.

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Happy 4th Anniversary to 2nd book and my award winning couple Amara & Ejike Dike.

If you haven’t read this... let me be the first to say you are missing a treat. 41 outstanding reviews...
They were my first married couple. They knew the Lord like nobodies business but they forgot that the knowledge of God isn’t the absence of storms. When theirs hit.... they weren’t ready. Nope they weren’t ready at all
SWIPE LEFT 👉🏽👉🏽 to get to know them and read an excerpt

Writing saved me.

Happy birthday to my literary angel, agent, friend, and bestselling author of the Naughty series.... Brenda Hampton. She is such a beautiful woman inside and out. Please support her and especially on her birthday. Have a Happy birthday and I hope you have many more. Love you. #brendahampton #birthdaygirl #blackgirlsrock #blackwomenwhowrite #blackgirlmagic #bestsellingauthor

In Mathew 9, Jesus talked about the consequences of putting new wine in old skin.
In To Live Again, Itohan found a new love and tried to put it in an old heart. The consequences.....she really wasn’t prepared for....
“To Live Again” by Unoma Nwankwor was a great read. I was way too involved in the story of Osaro and Itohan. They made me laugh, cry, and pray. Many themes and real-life events, are on the pages of this book, but the theme that stood out – love is patient, and kind…~ Amazon Review
Relax this weekend with a warm romance that will make you laugh, mad but leave you with lessons to make you ponder on God’s love.

soft magic,
Upile Chisala
2015 (Sempre que eu me distancio de mim mesma, livros como esse me trazem de volta)

And she decided to live life without fear.

The new Duchess of Sussex came from a divorced household and was divorced herself after 2 years.
You will come across situations that would have you second guessing your worth.
Concentrate on building you and whatever your hands find to do. Let God take care of leading the man to you.

Tomorrow is the Royal wedding... it’s Saturday and I’m not trying to loose zzzzs over it but I watched Kate’s, I gotta watch Sis’s... so I’ll have to figure my sleep strategy out.
Anywho, since we are talking Royals....If you’ve read To Live Again, remember when Osaro found out Itohan was a real life African Benin princess but was keeping it on the low?💙💙
If you’ve not read it, click link in bio and get your read on to see how the drama unfolded

Written out of the love & pain of trying to understand what it meant to love oneself, a fews years ago I came up with ‘Love/Feels’… It can be difficult trying to define & establish your own value. I found myself constantly in search of something I wasn’t sure was even possible for me… I even allowed people to try to define it for me. I’ve had a lot of lessons in love from varying perspectives, but in the end this was where I found myself & I’ve never been more proud… This, was my first real love poem ♥️📝✨

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