Just yesterday morning after a minor setback right before the event @simply_ellieforyou said “we are going to have a successful event and then I can laugh when it’s all over” My response to that was “shit, why wait till later, laugh now”’ You see in this thing called living your best life, being in business for yourself, being an entrepreneur, a mompreneur , we must see every opportunity to turn things around. Our words are powerful, our faith is great and who we choose to surround ourselves with, engage with, share ideas with is a small window of who we are becoming. Yes, I said becoming because we are still growing.
I am speaking all my hearts desires into the future.
Steal my joy? Nah!!
Thank you Ellie for allowing my brand to apart such an amazing event. And shoutout to the dope vendors I had the opportunity to vibe with last night.
Now I am ready for the day!

You are not ugly. Never describe yourself as ugly. Your skin is as beautiful as you. The good Lord made you like that, do flaunt it all you want no matter what everyone else thinks.


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