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"If I fall I will rise back up and relive my glory"🔥


I want to promote the Beautiful Ocean EP more. It's over 3 years old and relistening to the song gave me warm heart nostalgia. Here's LindaMar's "Way Back When" #LindaMarOfficial °
Also I made this edit for @instagram so if any band would like one just like this for their profile I'll do it for FREE 💕

» i won’t ever stop loving and supporting juliet simms and black veil brides, they are everything to me but i will not be associated with the toxic and cruel fandom. don’t call yourself anything among the lines of a fan or supporter of the band or juliet if you constantly degrade their significant others or them, you aren’t any better if that’s how you choose to live your life. you may dislike them or disagree with their actions but the hate bvb, juliet, inna & the rest of their significant others receive is childish, petty and uncalled for therefore i refuse to be apart of any of said fandoms. i will never understand how one feels better about sending hate to people they don’t truly know nor of peoples lived they don’t know everything about. along with that half of you speak about anti bullying, abuse, negativity and about how the world needs to be positive but you are being hypocritical and contradicting yourselves. please, look at the hurt you cause others and learn to be a better person because you can change for the better, stop stooping so low because you dislike someone »

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