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"Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."
Dear #youngladywatching,

There will be times in your life when very little makes sense. You will face challenges and fail. You will open your heart and be devastated. You will look for a yes and find a hundred nos. You will search for similar faces in long white coats, across hospitals and a hundred operating tables, and you will be disappointed. You will have long days and longer nights. You will miss happy hours and dates, birthdays and weddings.

But, you will also stand up after every fall a little wiser. Your precious heart will not break but it will, as muscle does, rebuild and grow; a beautiful strong patchwork of experience, passion, and joy. You will see the look on the faces of young girls that beam at you with the joy of representation. You will take pride in knowing that your sacrifices have contributed in ways, big and small, to the betterment of one then tens then hundreds then thousands. You will pass out in the satisfaction of a long day well spent. You will stand at the table; proud, thankful and, one day, ready.

African-American women make up 4% of physicians in the US.
Women make up 22% of surgeons in the US.
African-American women make up 2-5% of surgeons in the US.

#RepresentationMatters #YouMatter

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On Wednesdays, we w̶e̶a̶r̶ ̶p̶i̶n̶k̶ are badasses in blue.
Just like all of the other days that end in y.

#roadtosuccess #futuretraumasurgeon #howarduniversity 22 #blacksurgeons #blackexcellence #blackeducatedman #chasingdreams 10 steps to get to My success Becoming A Trauma Surgeon 👨🏿‍⚕️ Saving Lives Helping People To Survive

Happy Birthday to my baby sis Dr. Ruth Celestin !!! @prettyprescription @sexybycelestin @celestialplasticsurgery She’s the other best Auntie, Godmother, Sister, Friend A gurl could ever have. She’s fearless and has achieved Everything she said she would. So Major my personal “future “ plastic surgeon and occasional MUA enjoy your day to the fullest. It’s the beginning of the takeover and you deserve it all. We love you!!!! #itsarealonesbirthday #capricorn #januarybaby #mua #plasticsurgeon #ladydoctor #babysis #blackdoctor #blacksurgeons #atlantasurgeon #sexybycelestin #prettyprescription #celestialplasticsurgery #mua #haitian #haitianbusinesses #creoleimagehonors #creoleimagehonoree

Countdown to my weekend with the Dallas BFF, @mrshutch09! 💙

In this photo I'm either:
A. Torturing my attending.
B. Performing a laparascopic cholecystectomy.
C. All of the above.

Sincere thanks to one of my awesome nurses for the photo gift. My mum is going to cry so hard... 💙

John van Salee de Grasse was a commissioned physician and surgeon with the Union Army during the American Civil War and was the first Black to be admitted to a United states medical society. He was born in June 1825 in New York City, New York to Count George DeGrasse and Maria Van Surly. In 1840 at the age of 15 DeGrasse enrolled in Oneida Institute in New York. He later studied medicine at Aubuk College. #johnvansaleedegrasse #blackdoctors #blacksurgeons #blackfirsts #newyork #oneidainstitute #aubukcollege #ig #insta #igers m

These babies were born #cojoinedtwins. They were separated in 1987 by an American Neurosurgeon named Ben Carson at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland, U.S.A.
Today, they are living fine. God is awesome.
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Tonight is my first overnight senior call of residency. I received a gift of my weight in delicious gold earlier this week and the night will (hopefully) pass quickly knowing I've got these to look forward to tomorrow AM. Fingers crossed for an uneventful night tonight! Any advice from you seasoned residents/attendings out there?
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How many people can say they helped perform a transplant surgery with Dr. Velma Scantlebury, the first black female transplant surgeon in the United States?!?!? Well, last night I did just that, and I'm still on cloud nine! 😃 Moments like this are what truly make all the tears, sacrifices, and long nights worth it, and I am so incredibly blessed to be on the path towards becoming a physician.

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Flashback Friday: Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson was an American surgeon and political activist. The first black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School and the first woman to become a member of the Boston Surgical Society.
Born in Pittsburg, Texas, Dr. Jefferson was the only child of Millard and Guthrie Jefferson, a Methodist minister, and a school teacher. Dr. Jefferson was raised in Carthage, Texas. At a young age, "Millie" followed the town doctor around on his horse drawn buggy, this would later inspire her to become a doctor. At the age of 16 years, she earned her bachelor's
degree from Texas College. Since she was too young to attend medical school, she went to Tufts University where she received her master's degree. She then went on to Harvard Medical School and graduated in 1951, becoming the first black woman to do so. After graduating from medical school, she did a surgical internship at Boston City Hospital, becoming the first woman to do so. She was also the first female doctor at the former Boston University Medical Center. She would later become the first woman to become a member of the Boston Surgical Society. She was also wholeheartedly committed to the Pro-Life movement. Dr. Jefferson was one of the founders of the Value of Life Committee of Massachusetts, the National Right to Life Committee, Black Americans for Life, and openly spoke up for the pre-born child with other right to life organizations. Dr. Jefferson, a trailblazer and true pro-life pioneer, helped found the National Right to Life Committee, was President of the Committee for three terms and then continued to served on the Committee's Board of Directors. We pay homage to Dr. Jefferson and all of her contributions.


Back in the saddle.
Feels good.

Much Love to the Homie @elvisfrancois!!! Featured on Inside Edition!! Mayo Clinic Orthopedic Surgery Resident!! Singing after Surgery to get through the days!! Much Love Brother!! Continue to be Achieve!!! This is the ultimate promotion of positivity!! @reseaudocteur @theshaderoom Check out his page to view video. 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾#blackexcellence #blackdoctors #promoterofpositivity #blacksurgeons #mayoclinic

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