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Tried a new recipe today, a black #bread.. tapi kejadiannye lebih ke coklat. Used bread & spelt flour. Added #blackstrapmolasses, #cocoapowder & #coffee powder. Also ada grated carrots in the #roti. Weird combination kan.. hope it taste good. #roti

@Regrann from @lilsipper - Peanut FREE butter spread (AKA: @sunbutter) has never looked so sexy. 👌🏻 The addiction is real. You just gotta....
Sprouted grain toast
Organic @sunbutter
1/2 (large) nanner
White chia seeds
...and @tryabouttime's paleo brownie bar (discount: lilsipper) drizzled with a touch of #BlackstrapMolasses
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We love a good house-made syrup! Making a batch of blackstrap tea syrup for our signature cocktail, Pressure Drop, today.
#blackstrapmolasses #orangetwist #organicspices #nutmeg

This is a bit better of a close-up of the #gorillaglue4 grown with #remonutrients #naturescandy for the first half of my flush she still has a little bit to go #blackstrapmolasses #cannabis @remonutrients

Everyday people! Black Strap Molasses and oranges (when they are in season) are the perfect combo for optimal absorption a of nutrients in the molasses. I have written all about the Benefits of BSM in my first eBook and most of you know I have been loving this black gooey stuff for 4 years now could be 5 actually! #blackstrapmolasses #feelthelean

Blackstrap molasses is packed with dense nutrients, like iron, calcium, manganese, copper, magnesium, and potassium, and b vitamins that are essential for vitality. It's nutrient profile can relieve pms, balance hormones, enhance uterine health, relieve stress, stabilize blood sugar, reduce inflammation, promote strong bones, and improve skin health, which is why I have been using it with patients for the past decade. The liquid form is not easy to use, but Soul Power makes adding blackstrap molasses into your diet as simple as adding one scoop to your favorite daily ritual. Nourish your body each and every day. #enlighteningsouls #womenshealth #blackstrapmolasses #soulpower

Had so much fun doing my Retail Marketing and Wellness Project yesterday for @sodexodieteticinternships
It was a Smoothie Day where we educated everyone on: ➡️adding vegetables to their smoothies (spinach and kale per usual... but try zucchini, cauliflower or herbs <mint and basil> 🍃 ➡️Also talked about some interesting add-ins like #chiaseeds #hempseeds and #blackstrapmolasses ➡️And finally why you should blend just enough so you can still chew your smoothie a bit. Remember chewing is a first step to the digestive process!

鍼灸&漢方のクリスティーナ先生にオススメしてもらったMolasses 『モラセス』

モラセスには、カルシウム、カリウム、鉄分が入っていて、活性酸素除去、免疫機能の維持、酸素の運搬など貧血予防や、PMS症状の緩和にもいいらしい!😊👍 味は小さい頃、お母さんが作ってくれた、寒天の黒蜜を思い出す!懐かしいなぁ😃😇 #molasses
#blackstrapmolasses #organic


Rum with the essence of New Orleans. Love
#havejiggerswilltravel #rumporn

More Vegan Staples for my little pantry 😍✌💯🌱🐾 I love to have these at hand so make sure I never run out. I ordered these from Amazon. #veganstaples #vegan #veganfoodshare #tahini #meridianblackstrapmolasses #blackstrapmolasses #sunitatahini #thegroovyfoodcompany #agavenectar #veganfoodshare #veganfoodoninstagram #veganaf #govegan #veganfoodblogger #deathinmymetalnotinmymeals #peacestartsonyourplate

A new delicious discovery: whole milk kefir (organic) with blackstrap molasses swirled in 🥛#ironandprobiotics

People are always asking if I #workout. #Truthbetold, I don't. I just #eatright and am active throughout the day. Here is a pic I took while trying to decide which #sweetener to buy #blackstrapmolasses or #coconutsugar . #allnaturalbeauty #camgirlpower #healthtips #modelinglife #modlife #eattolive and #livetoeat!

Natural Health Love: Blackstrap Molasses ❤❤❤ It's good for hair, skin, bones, and even helps with anxiety.
Check out the Healthy, Pretty, and Beautiful of Blackstrap Molasses at our blog:

#beauty #beautyblog #beautyblogger #health #healthtips #organic #naturalhealth #hair #hairgrowth #healthyhair #healthbenefits #blackstrapmolasses #healthtips #skin #healthyskin #acne #clearskin #anxiety

My days are constantly changing so it's nice to have a little routine. I've been waking up to a liter of water, oranges and organic blackstrap molasses. #feelthelean #vegan #ritual

My precious, I've been saving you (also, if I post anything after this and it's incoherent, blame this 13% killer) @deschutesbeer #imperialstout #brandybarrelaged #molasses #blackstrapmolasses #licorice #cherrybark #vanillabean

Here is a perfect Summer Treat from my lovely follower @christieunger. 💕
Tag me in your photos and I'll feature your recipes in my blog. 😊😘
I love that she used blackstrap molasses for her yummy recipe. Unlike refined sugar, which has zero nutritional value it contains vital vitamins and minerals, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and selenium.
Stay tuned for my posts about Intermittent Fasting and "Is taking probiotics for a long time a waste of money?" are coming soon my friends! 👍😊Have a wonderful weekend! 😘
@Regrann from @christieunger - Would you believe me if I said I had this plant based 🌱 sundae for BREAKFAST?! because it's made out of 🍌🍌🍌. Big bowl of nice cream for this heat wave + I am happy happy girl 😋😋 Recipe:
2 frozen bananas
1/2 cup cashew milk
Cinnamon + Blackstrap Molasses on top.
DONE. 1 minute breakfast + tastes like dessert. What more would you want?! Now let me hope and pray the ocean is warm enough so I can go in and cool off from this weather ☀️☀️☀️

Thanks @lilsipper for this beautiful post and super creative idea! This looks so unique and delicious! .

Move over banana split, there's a new boat in town, and it's flippin' bomb!🍠 I filled this warm sweet potato with (plain) Goat Milk Gelato from @victorygardennyc. I don't eat dairy unless it's cultured like yogurt/kefir, ghee, or if it's goat milk...so I was super excited to find this goat milk gelato!🍦
🥛Goat milk is easier to digest thank cow's milk (that's why I like the goat milk ghee you always see me use in my stories) and is also lactose-intolerant friendly!👍🏼
And yes, you know I do my research: 😂 👉🏻The goat milk used in @victorygardennyc is locally sourced from Side Hill Acres and their goats are raised on fresh hay and grass, without any prophylactic antibiotics or hormones.🙌🏼
(I drizzed this with some #blackstrapmolasses which is high in iron!) #goatmilk #victorygarden #victorygardennyc #cremedelagoat #goatmilkgelato #goatmilkicecream #goatmilkhautemilk #local

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