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Sabbath killed it last night!..can't believe how good the set was!.#blacksabbathband#blacksabbath#madisonsquaregarden

Vintage Black Sabbath - Evil Women tee for sale dm me for purchase. #vintagebandtee #blacksabbath #ozzyosbourne #evilwoman #blacksabbathband #rocknroll

Black Sabbath ~ Masters Of Sheffield '71

And now for the wizard. Inspired by Black Sabbath.
#wizard #arcylicpainting #Fantasyart #blacksabbathband #mythandmagic


Band: Black Sabbath
Album: Masters of Reality
Song: Children of the Grave
Genre: Heavy Metal (IMO: Metal)
I bet some of you guys were definitely waiting for me to upload some Black Sabbath, The Creators of Metal and if you were, you finally got your wish! According to my friends and other fans who listens to this legendary band, this is their best album. I do agree with them even if I barely listen to Black Sabbath myself but I mainly discovered them years ago by hearing this song on Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and when I first heard it, I thought this song is AWESOME! I love Ozzy's voice because he is obviously the voice of Black Sabbath and his other band, Ozzy Osbourne because something about his voice just makes everything about the song, awesome! I really like how the guitar solo sounded in the song because it reminds me of something you hear when you think of classic metal bands such as this one and it's ONE of my favorite guitar solos I ever heard. I also liked how this band went on until the very end and I just want to thank them for making metal a genre and I'm proud to call myself a metalhead!
Rip Geoff Nicholls the former Keyboardist, Rhythm Guitarist, and Bassist of the band, Ronnie James Dio the former vocalist of the band, Ray Gillen the former vocalist of the band, and Cozy Powell the former drummer for the band.
#blacksabbath #ronniejamesdio #blacksabbathband #cozypowell #mastersofreality #raygillen #childrenofthegrave #thankyou #creatorsofmetal #metal #heavymetal #fathersofmetal #ozzyosbourne #geoffnicholls #ripcozypowell #ripgeoffnicholls #ripronniejamesdio

Released in the United States 47 years ago today...where it all started...

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