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just a few clipsss

Had to sign into AOL to get this oldy. 2012 clips with my brother @whxrxmvn.2. Got a fresh #flakedfingerboards from @kathafbs, had to break it in on this plaza @whxrxmvn.2 made. Listen to that pop 😌. #definitionofdankmode

God DAMN! It’s been one whole year as a part of the @fiveluckfingerboards crew!! So much has happened in this year, I met and shredded with the whole team and created some truly real friendships with those dudes. Since then, Burt and I have met up a few more times for more amazing sessions. It’s been a sick year. And now, Five Luck itself is nearing its 2nd birthday! Lots of amazing shit coming soon on the 1st of April which is the 2 year anniversary of the life of Five Luck. There’s no signs of slowing down! Be prepared fellas. 🎂
#fiveluck #tech5 #fiveluckfingerboards #supportcanadian #canadianmade #handmade #fingerboarding #fingerboard #fingerboardtv #fingerboardingisfun #cartwheelsfb #cartwheels #joycult #levelupfingerboards #dislocationfb #blackriverramps #blackrivertrucks

everything pictured is for sale or trade:

FREE DYNAMICS if you purchase three+ items or if you spend 65+ dollars (this is negotiable I’ll go as low as 40$ or one item depends on what you’re buying)

1. CatfishBBQ saltwater
2. Berlinwood
3. Stacked
4. CatfishBBQ freshwater
5. Berlinwood
6. Berlinwood
7. HighFB (dynamics : free)
8. FlatFace G12
9. Homewood
10. Unique hatchling
11. Roundside
12. Berlinwood
13. Berlinwood
14. Brand new Flatface G4s
15. Black river truck hangers
16. Dynamics hangers (free)
17. Oak bowls
Winkler wheels
Green FlatFace BRR (the old solid green not the new turquoise green)

I Skate Mondays

Quick pull up

TinBo❤️FSB @kylinsan

ya yeet

tech deck wide trucks, tech deck longboard bushings

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