Coming soon guys! I have been experimenting with quarter pipes and have finally found a way to bend the 1/4” wood :) They are going to be sexy and flush. This will be an amazing change up for flp we can get back into more park style stuff as well as our street stuff. 💪🙏😎

I’ve been shredding this setup for a lot and as much as I love my FILTH mold.. I must say this SLEAZE mold has started to take the lead. Just the right amount of mellow and perfect concave.🤤 I’m super excited for you guys to get those fingers grimey and hope you all enjoy this new shape as much as I do!
Still working on finding a real wear I’m frisky happy with but have some things that should be here this week to test. If it works out well then Stock 6 will have real wear.🤞
Also have plans for some new equipment to make the deck making process a bit quicker for me. Big things coming from GrimeyDeckCo and my team as well, give them each a follow.
@midnite_tokerfb @3fingerfb.nate @fattyfb666 and @panda_wraps
I appreciate each and everyone of you and couldn’t do this without you! Giveaway will go down once I hit 2,000 followers so help me out and get me there.
Much love everyone 🤘💕
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Here’s our Street-Sesh Mani Pad prototype. Should we make more of these? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Metal rail docstairs out now! Finally have gotten all the old ramps out in the new updated version with the metal rails, coping, and angled kickers. Now I can start to focus on new designs and a park. Ps. Fully removable box and rail

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