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Which do you like better? Top is my old 2009 V, bottom is my 2013 V. Same exact options and mods except the '13 loves corn. #e85 #flexfuel #cadillac #favoritecar #crystalred #blackraven #recaro #airaid #exhaust #injectordynamics #1050x

Erst Steak, jetzt zusammen Guiness im heimischen Pub genießen. #datenight #blackraven #homepub #yummy

#whiteraven #blackraven #returnofthewhiteraven #legendofwhiteraven “White Raven then soared up towards the Great Spirit, into the clouds. The snow crystals began to cleanse the feathers of Raven as he flew through the clouds going ever higher until he again became as he was in the beginning, The Way, The Creator had meant him to be.

So we must all be waiting and looking for this time that is in the future. For the return of the White Raven.

This time will come to turn to the Great Spirit again. We will still try our selfish ways, destroying what He has done for us. Will we do the things that we were meant to do in the beginning. Love The Creator, live in peace with all, love The Way The Creator loves us, and treat everyone as He treats us. This is what is written, this is The Way it must be”

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