Came 7th in the #roselandaugusttrail #blackrat foot race. My first ultra race and oh man it was a brutal slog. Amazing race organised by the fantastic #mudcrew. Can’t walk down stairs at the moment though due to quads of fury. 30.4 miles of wet hills in 5hrs 11sec. #trailrun #ultramarathon #cornwall

Today I followed road 99 from Tsarevo almost all the way to Malko Tarnovo.

This was one of the hardest days on this trip!
Not because of bad weather, steep climbs, long distance (only did 56 km) or anything like that, it was because of the flies!
There where hundreds of them and all seemed to want to go into my mouth, eyes and ears. It was horrible!
Good thing I had the headnet I brought with me from Sweden! Or wait... I just gave that to one of my friends who met up with me in Burgas because I hadn't needed it 😫

Atleast I got my grant notice for the Iran visa today which feels grrreat!

Before ~ Shuffling into the finish #BlackRAT #mudcrew #trainracebeer
Pics from the wonder that is @spudsies

#シードル #横浜鈴木屋酒店 #MOLESBREWERY
#ブラックラット #BLACKRAT #イギリスサイダー

Went and picked up this precious little boy today! His name is Severus and I'm so sorry in love! So excited to share all of my boys journeys with you guys! 😍
#ratsofinstagram #blackrat #ratmum #issysanimals

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