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This is a really intense mixture I made for my hair when I was experiencing dryness and breakage (which was my fault, I got too busy with life and didn’t give my hair the love and attention that it needs). I want to start off by saying that this is not a magic potion to grow your hair overnight. My hair is not long because of this oil mixture. OUR hair grows just like everyone else’s, and the only reason why so many may have issues with achieving long hair, is simply because their hair is breaking off just as fast as it is growing. If you want to have long hair, it’s very important to have the right mentality. And that mentality is: “My hair is just as good as everyone else’s. My genes are not inferior to anyone else’s. If I want long hair, I don’t need to search for a miracle product to grow it for me. There is no ‘secret’ to achieving long hair. The ‘secret’ is that society has made up lies about what my genes are capable of, and I now realize my potential.” Pure Avocado Oil: Used as a carrier oil in this mix and to revive my hair from the dryness and breakage it was experiencing.
Vitamin E Oil: Used for my scalp because it was extremely dry, also for my hair strands in order to combat dryness.
Eucalyptus Oil: To get rid of the dandruff and flakes
Tea Tree Oil: For scalp stimulation and it’s antibacterial properties
Peppermint Oil: For scalp stimulation and it’s antibacterial properties
Castor Oil: For it’s antibacterial properties

I got the avocado oil and castor oil from The Vitamin Shoppe, the essential oils from the Vitamin Shoppe, and the Vitamin E as well as the applicator that I used, are from Sally’s. I love this applicator from Sally’s because it allows the oil to be evenly distributed onto my scalp and it just makes it so much easier.

I used 2 oz of avocado oil, 1/2 oz of Vitamin E oil, 1/2 oz of Castor Oil, and 5 drops of each of the essential oils. Again this is what works for me, I suggest you do what works for you, I’m simply showing what it is that I do.

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That's great when the family comes together! Success of your relatives should inspire and encourage you! There should be no place for jealousy or envy. When one of us is happy to do the good deeds we should understand that we can do that too!

Not all of us have close relationships with the families, but don't be quick to grieve. Never forget that you got roots and the entire black community can be your family and black history can be your family tree. The smallest thing that you can get from the community is a huge inspiration based on accomplishments of our brothers and sisters, raised amidst discrimination, poverty and stigma, but they learned so much, they worked so hard, they had so much inner freedom and became true heroes!

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It's a family affair!!! Had a blast celebrating at my cousins wedding yesterday. There were sooooooo many people there who I haven't seen in years. Both family and neighborhood friends. It was like a damn reunion lol this pic is of me and my "little" brother, my sister in law, my cuz and her guy. ❤️

Beauties ❤

When someone is talking to me but all I can think of is what I'm bout to eat 🌯

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History Facts!

She looked so beautiful meeting the fans yesterday♥

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Thanks to Jake @thevaultskate here in Davis for hooking it up today!!!! #shades #sunglasses #shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness #local #skateboard #snowboard #apparel #vonzipper @vonzipper #blackout ------- 227 G St., Davis, CA.

And this is how I started to celebrate my 34th Birthday, doing what I like the most #SwimBikeRun The first Olimpic Distance of the year in #Blackout mode #TriLife #TriMyBirthday #DontStopTheBeat #FeelingGood

@nikefootball have killed the game with these beautiful Tiempo VII #Nike #Football #FootballBoots #Blackout

Being black means I can rock dr martens with yellow laces and make the fit look sexy(kung fu Kenny voice)✊🏾
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"You look like a gentleman and a scholar, but you're a killer"
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Oggi è andata così, a lume di candela 🙈 #blackout #nonsimollauncazzo

Santiago in 100 words. #Blackout
"Despierto medio borracho entre malezas y flores silvestres. No recuerdo muy bien cómo llegué aquí, pero sospecho que eso podría ser una ventaja. Todavía tengo mi billetera entre mis cosas, muy buen indicio. En ella aún conservo una foto de mis padres, y de mi hermano muerto. Mientras analizo mi entorno con mis ojos entrecerrados, mis manos, como obedeciendo a un mandato independiente de mi cerebro, palpan mi cuerpo en busca de heridas. Nada. El alcohol me pone cariñoso y olvidadizo. Espero no haber lastimado de nadie. Para la próxima noche de año nuevo pediré que me encierren con llave."
--Ricardo Palma Fuentes, 25 años, Lo Espejo.
(I woke up half-drunk amidst weeds and wild flowers. I don't remember how I got there, but I suspect that's an advantage. I still had my wallet amongst my other things, very good sign. In it I still keep a photo of my parents, and of my dead brother. While I was taking in my surroundings with eyes half-closed, my hands, as if obeying an independent command not from my brain, patted my body in search of wounds. Nothing. The alcohol made me sweet and forgetful. I hope I hadnt hurt anyone. For the next New Year I'll ask them to lock me up.)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes my birthday shall continue 😂🤦🏻‍♂️🙌🏽
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Eid Mubarak from Yahya and I❤️ #firsteid

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