Symposium, elevator photo and food on the rooftop
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antiques & ice cream kind of afternoon 🍦🖤

rg / recommended follow: our curious and inventive pals at @alder.studio, a cross-disciplinary operation that generalizes in graphic design, creative direction, production, and digital design. Alder continually supports Overnight Projects and our community, always searching for new ways to make interesting things happen. 🍊
It’s a Dymaxion world, we’re just living in it. / #BuckminsterFuller’s geodesic dome at #BlackMountainCollege, 1949

the new art magazin came today ... with a portrait of the wonderful anni albers and her great woven patterns
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The rest is the madness of art... #asheville #blackmountaincollege

When you see an amazing book with beautiful design and fonts in the @artdesignunsw library but too heavy for the train ride home!
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The massive and stunningly beautiful Leap Before You Look, Black Mountain College 1933-1957. Now out of print, I’ve been waiting for a reasonably priced copy to come along. Highest recommendation!
Mitsubishi 9852 B.
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Reading this tome is better than any experience I had in Art History all those years ago, even though Larry Bake at Syracuse really affected me! Cy Twombly was born and worked just an hour and a half away in Lexington VA. 😊

Dinner with Alfredo Jaar and Jeebesh Bagchi Zürich #raqsmediacollective #artsymposium #zurich #curating #revisiting #blackmountaincollege #college

Clara Porset | 2. After a year of exile in the US, Clara Porset returned to Cuba in 1933 once Gerardo Machado’s dictatorship had ended. She taught industrial design at the Technical School for Women near Havana, and co-founded the Architects’ Institute of Cuba. Eager to study again, Porset contacted Walter Gropius, founding director of the Bauhaus, hoping to study there, only to be told that it was about to be closed by the Nazis. Gropius advised her to study under one of the former Bauhaus teachers who had fled to the US, and suggested the artist Josef Albers. He and his textile designer wife Anni had recently joined the staff of Black Mountain College, a newly formed art and design school in rural North Carolina. Founded by a radical educationalist John Rice, and run on a shoestring budget, Black Mountain was committed to experimentation, cross-disciplinarity and the idea that everyone should pitch in, whether it was to teach a class, or fix the plumbing. By the time Porset arrived in the summer of 1934, the Alberses had established themselves as defining influences on the school, whose students and teachers would include many of the most influential US artists and designers of the late 20th century, from Cy Twombly and Robert Rauschenberg, to Merce Cunningham, John Cage and Buckminster Fuller. Porset thrived there and forged a lifelong friendship with the Alberses, who visited Cuba after she returned. She flung herself back into activism, only to be fired by the Technical School for Women for joining the general strike in 1935, and to be dropped by most of her clients. Porset left Cuba again, first for New York and then Mexico, joining a group of dissident Cubans, through whom she met a fellow activist, the Mexican artist and muralist Xavier Guerrero. By the end of the year, they were married. #design #claraporset #josefalbers #annialbers #xavierguerrero ##waltergropius #bauhaus #blackmountaincollege #cubanmodernism #tropicalmodernism

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