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I saw so many sweet and beautiful people I thought I was gonna have a stroke!
The festival was also amazing!
Unfortunately the heat was too much for me, so my body kinda shut down and I couldn't really eat anything for almost 4 days.
So I spent much time in my camp trying to recover or eat😪
Anyway, I will be back in October already and the weather won't kill me that time 😅
Thank you everyone who made this trip amazing💙


Try not to cringe challenge
Head over to my website to see the video!


"Retreat to death in burning flesh his dead disciples and their son of god! Incineration of their prophecy destroyed in failure you're unannounced and you're unobserved no longer worshipped in his world apocalypse on insanity self destruction of hypocrisy suffering is yours, no tomorrow killed with reason, unbelieved in conception, you were warned resurrection, christ denied!!" Pretty odd how Vic @Thrasherlord365 placed this band as well in the #4 position on his list for 1990 with their debut this was not planned just goes to show the first 4 records with band did are just amazing really not a single filler lies within any of these albums. "Once Upon The Cross" is Deicide's 3rd album and to me the one where they found their sound although "Legion" their 2nd record is just full blown chaos and sounds like a damn atom bomb went off I find that this album has more of a better flow in my opinion these songs are better written and lyrically just as chaotic and disturbing. Glenn really found his sound vocally to me on this album and let me just say the Hoffman bros are as tight as can be the chemistry is so real here man one of the best but yet again also most over looked guitar duo's in metal. Pretty ironic how god himself plays drums in a Death Metal band right? 😂 Of course I am speaking of the mighty Steve Ashiem this man is insane on the drums I worship his fills he almost sounds inhuman with what he can do behind a drum kit, one of the best to touch a set of sticks and also for me the best Death Metal drummer their is if you are not counting Gene Hoglan who plays all kinds of genres in all kinds of bands but we will get there later...😏 anyway a true masterpiece in my view and I still feel just as strong about it now as I dis back when I first heard it at the age of 16. 🔥🙌🏻👌🏻 (🎶Music: Deicide - Christ Denied) #Deicide #OnceUponTheCross #1995 #DeathMetal #Death #Metal #Heavy #HeavyMetal #90s #90sMetal #Black #BlackMetal #ClassicDeathMetal #TrueMetal #RealMetal #FollowForMetal

Angrenost ‎– Nox Et Hiems #portugeseblackmetal #blackmetal #altareproductions

Texas Legion! This December we have a ritual coming your way as we co-headline Day 1 of the Christmassacre Festival in Houston. Main headliner TBA. It's a good one. We can't wait to bring the fire to our Texan division of the Inculstus Pestum. Into Chaos!
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