What you would've heard at the assembly if that bitch Krystian hadn't gone crying to the office about me pushing him. You're a junior dude...grow a pair. Anyway...this is Carlos Santana's opening solo from Black Magic Woman. Enjoy.

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The phrase “you changed” is one of my favourite compliments! Because wether or not they think I’ve changed for the “good” or the “bad” is not important to me anymore. Especially with me openly practicing the craft. You can look at me and say “oh it’s a phase” or “she dances naked around fires and fucks the devil”, I’m happy either way because my happiness comes from me, and what comes from within. Yes I get flustered and emotional when my “change” has made people treat or look at me differently but to live a life of a badass who loves all and takes no shit you gotta be it. Force yourself to speak up, to take control, to love that magnificent you. Don’t let someone choose who you are, or media mold your morals. Be a freak, geek, video game nerd, witch, bitch, or even a fucking butterfly! And yes I’ve changed and if anyone has a problem with my own change, hold on tight because I’m only at the beginning 💗✨🌙 #freedom #witch #evolving #loveyourself #personaljourney #uplift #changeisgood #evolvingsoul #witchywoman #blackmagicwoman

Fleetwood Mac "Greatest Hits", UK 1971. Yes, there was a time when, in the pre-Stevie Nicks dark ages, a prehistoric 'Mac had so much relative success that they actually warranted a greatest hits album. Indeed, exactly half the cuts on this record actually made the UK top-40, and 4 of them made the top-10. Not bad for a bunch of heads down, no nonsense boogie freaks. Having said that, not a single one of these classics ended up on their 1988 album of the same name, perhaps being the only Greatest Hits album that omitted a no. 1 hit by the artist (discuss). The appeal of this album, aside from the fetching artwork, is the fact that it is culled from 3 different records labels, none of which were CBS (Blue Horizon, Immediate, Reprise), so this might very well be the only place you can get all these monsters in one place on vinyl (discuss). Many of the essential cuts from this new breed of hairy chart disturbers can be found here: "Black Magic Woman", "Man Of The World", "Rattlesnake Shake", "Need Your Love So Bad", and 3 of the very best cuts of the era: the sublime "Albatross", the Judas Priest-covered "Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown)", and the utterly extraordinary "Oh Well Pt 1". You may notice that these superlatively restrained axemen achieved an intensity and heaviness without excessive use of distortion/volume; something many metal bands ought to take notice of. Simply put, The Stones aside, this group was superior to all other British blues rockers, including, in my opinion, Cream (discuss). The sound is beautifully dark and almost "White Album"-ish at times, and it's obvious that the influence went both ways with these groups, Lennon purposely crafting "Yer Blues" and "Sun King" after Peter Green tunes, included herein. Also notable is the post-Green gem "Dragonfly", which was their latest 45rpm offering at the time of this album's release, but not included on other albums of the era. It's a gorgeous, but little talked about item, from that other lost genius from the early Mac-ranks; Danny Kirwan. I reach for this album quite often, and it's always exhilarating. Scroll ➡️ for more views!

Still thinking bleaching your skin? Doubting your hair beauty? Honey stop it.
Be in light skin or black like me ,you are beautiful don't trying adding up anything ,don't let nobody tell you otherwise.
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We’re finally in for some nice af weather!🌞✨♠️ S/O to the foxy @rizzicuts in her black magic tee . Sending out some BTCO merch for more of our gorgeous mamas today! 🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍 #motobabes #ohlawd #this #nice #weather #blackmagicwoman #tees #wednesday #vibes and #so

Amores platónicos conformes
Camas sin treguas, sin confecciones.
Soldados del amor sin fusiles.
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We can only live the life that we think we deserve. This isn't the life that fate has dictated for us; this is the one we have dictated for ourselves. We are building our own fences, believing in our own self-constructed limitations. What kind of life could you create if you just loved yourself a little bit more? Forgave yourself a little more often? That you believed, without question, you were absolutely worthy? The reality is you can be genuine, amazing and sincere yet still get overlooked. Because honestly, people don't want something real anymore, they just want reasons to complain and excuses to avoid. Having a good thing is so hard because meeting a strong person is so rare. So I have learned to respect the people that I have walked away from or the ones that walked out of my life. I realize my kind of love isn't for everyone and I'm at peace with that. Don’t let my words fool you. I’m not perfect and I don’t want to be. This version of me wasn’t built overnight. This is experience. This is pain. This is insecurities. This is abuse. This is depression. I had to go through things to get to the level I’m at now. #feelingood #feelingmyself #happyplace #happyspace #lovemylife #healthymind #witchywoman #blackraven #goodwoman #atpeace #rarebreed #nopressurenodiamonds #goodwithmybadself #strongindependentwoman #blackmagicwoman #loverlover #nakedinthewoods 📸 @jerry_ranch

🔪🖤 We slayed SO HARD at the Killer Queens fashion event🔥 My Ensemble was made by my Avante-Gardian Angel Mags Montgomery (pictured here on his knees 😉) and the rest was done by Latex Queen Rachel @bohicadesigns 👑

Event:@breedalternative 📸: @loganahern
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#details of our #MaryMeJimmyPaul #AllGoldEverything #artisan #macrame #chaps and #Angelic #BikerJacket full of #textures, #love and a little bit of #magic, provided by a #BlackMagicWoman coven from #Salem. #perfect for serving '#FairyTale #fantasy #goddess #nymph at a #hobbit-themed #GameOfThrones #bohemian #GardenParty' realness in our MMJP #WeepingWillow #HandMade #BikerChick-look, made for #GoldenGirls, #DiscoQueens and #Mermaids. #Ropes, Knots and #Knits is always a good combo don't you think?

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