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Sisterhood ❤️ #blacklovepage

He proposed on national tv!! Yesss!! 😍👏🏾 A man who finds a wife will forever be blessed ❤️may you both have a lifetime of happiness @iammackeyy @sammi1490 #BlackLovePage

The look on her face! 😍💍 CONGRATULATIONS!
When life takes you by surprise. Here is to new beginnings. 💍 #SpelHouse #Love ❤️💙 #blacklovepage

Wait a minute!!! These photos are bomb!!! 😱😍🔥🔥🔥
Photographer: @josiahrobertophoto
Male model: @_.marshall
Female Model: @pinkyashlynvictoria
Makeup Artist: @marnelia.roy
Styled and Directed By: @marnelia.roy GREAT JOB!! 👏🏾 #blacklovepage

She Said: Some Sunday's you wake up grateful for another day off and some you wake up grateful for your ❤️ Love.

Of all the inspiration this picture speaks to me... I just want to say thank you to You @Lutherfreeman

Ladies and gentleman if you are searching for your forever I assure you all the hard days you faced and the seasons of loneliness will be worth it when your forever finally gets here. Don't settle.

I can be strong with you 💪🏾 I can be soft with you ❤️ I can lean on you, I can be swept away by you. You're my soul mate and my swole mate😘. We don't always get it right but we always come back to what matters most... it's not about who's right because I don't win if you loose. So find your voice and speak boldly. Discover your untapped potential, and I'll help you any way I can to build. Be all that you are in all your brilliance and I won't try and contain you. Be great and greater. Be love and loved. Be excellence and confidence. Be all God created you in his perfect design...The most perfect one I've ever seen... and I'll just pray silently a prayer of gratitude whenever I'm reminded that He made you for His Glory and for my life to be made whole when you exist in it. Like right now... this is one of those prayers out loud. A love letter because why not.
#blacklovepage 😍👏🏾

@e_baker27 NFL free agent running back and his beautiful wife @fallonoguinnbaker are expecting a new bundle of joy! 👶🏽😍 HOW EXCITING! Follow their journey their maternity photos are everythingggg! 😍 #blacklovepage CONGRATULATIONS!

When your accomplishments are his and vice versa! 😍👏🏾#blacklovepage

Well today is Wednesday 😍 #workingwomanwednesday
We love you @michelleobama 🤗 #blacklovepage


Say YES to the dress!! 😍👏🏾 LOVE IT!! Designer : @victorharpercouture #blacklovepage

Every love story is different, but ours happen to be my favorite! #BlackLovePage 😍SN: she's so beautiful 😃🤗_____________________________________________

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Just knowing that I'm going to do life with you makes my heart smile @kardio_junkie #blacklove #blackbride #blacklovepage

@Regrann from @blacklovepage - When your accomplishments are his and vice versa! 😍👏🏾#blacklovepage - #regrann

We smiling for a while nother reason,
It's all smiles through all 4 seasons🤗 @notcomindown @blacklovepage #blacklovepage #blacklovematters #blacklove ✊🏾💃🏾💪🏾🤴🏾👰🏾

When your accomplishments are his and vice versa! 😍👏🏾#blacklovepage

Editing Video #3 and y'all it's a funny one. Stay tuned, #3 will be up tomorrow. #subscribe #like #comment for more videos like this one. #blacklovepage #blackcouple #blacklove #funny #youtube #youtuber #editingvideo

How sweet are Gabrielle and Greg together? They are recently engaged and you can practically FEEL the love between them! Can you feel it from where you're sitting? How did your partner pop the question? Let me know in the comments!! I'm a sucker for love stories. 😍
P.S. Check out my Instagram stories for more sneak peeks from their session! They'll disappear in a few hours. 😉#annblakeportraits

Do you remember when you first met your significant other? You would say or do things you normally wouldn’t do just to get that person's attention. Don’t stop doing those things now that you’re together. The fact that you wouldn’t normally do it for anyone else is what makes it special. The problem is, we get comfortable in our relationships and eventually get bored. The only way to keep it new is to continue doing the things you did when it was new. So start flirting again... but this time don't stop.

Wishing we could relive August 12th. It was a dream being surrounded by so much love. My husband and I want to thank all of our family and friends for making it an unforgettable wedding day! #2theGraves

Love it! Encourage our babies to learn & have fun with it! •
Be sure to hit that follow button & get connected with @hbcumates 🙌🏽

#collegebound #hbcu #blackexcellence #rakeitup

Our story will always be my favorite fairytale✨#blacklovecouples #blackbride1998 #blacklovepage

The look on her face! 😍💍 CONGRATULATIONS!
When life takes you by surprise. Here is to new beginnings. 💍 #SpelHouse #Love ❤️💙 #blacklovepage

Black love is a Love hard to come by these days because of how we lack Unity. My wife and I (@fromraleighwith_love) have decided to show people that relationships work within our culture and just period. After being together 12+ years, 5 of those years married, we have decided to give people our advice on hot topics within relationships, give reviews on good date night places and overall show the younger generation that relationships and marriage are fun and work. We have started our own YouTube Channel to do just that. Check out our latest video where we play The Who's Most Likely To Challenge. It's pretty funny yet REAL. FOR THE FULL VIDEO CLICK LINK IN BIO👉🏾 and don't forget TO SUBSCRIBE!! Appreciate the love in advance.

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