diamonds ain’t nothing when I’m rockin with ya @wheresgregoryd 💍😘💍

When the mistakes of the person you used to be cloud the values of the person you are today, all you will ever see is the past on top of your present accomplishments.

We all have a crush, some more real than others, it just so happens that she is also my fantasy. #wcw

Your energy should always be focused on yourself, only when you're fully charged should you then try to redirect it to others.

Before this moment you showed up to my job Day 1- Day 7 with a gift or poem. •

On Day 7, February 14th. You said that we were all planning a double date for Valentine's Day. •

You said I'd meet you in the city for the surprise. Then you blindfolded me, told me we're going to a restaurant that you set reservations for but took me into the center of Times Square, in front of an overwhelming amount of people to read me your last poem and give me the last gift. The ring 💍@thereallat @catchfrasestudios #honorblacklove

Approach with respect, she will only resort to speaking rudeness when the language you both share is not being understood.

Even when our pride get the best of who we are, she will always have our back for when we finally decide to ask for help.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to be raised around strong generational women, from my great grandmother, grandmother, mother, aunts and sisters.
it has been their strength, love and support through my transition from a boy to a man that has shapped my views and respect towards women.

You are a Queen, a woman with the ability to adapt through any situation life throws at you.
Gather the strength to overcome disappointment and God will guide you through the next battle life has in-store for you.
Just know its not guaranteed that you'll win every battle, but I guarantee you'll win the war if you stop allowing your doubters and your failures to dictate your future.

Let your actions dictate how you feel about one another, and let your words be the pillow their mental needs to asure what it's already known.

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The unconditional and undeniable presence,
Technology has given us the mental capacity to be in two places at once without having to leave our living room.

Let's recognize the women that had to overcome not only the disadvantages society has presented you with as a woman but also the hardship you have endured for being black.
You will never go through this blind because we will have our hands tightly intertwined with yours but we can only hope to guide you just as well as you have guided us through our history.
We recognize the bullets you have taken and the tears you have shed for us. If we haven't done it already let me be the first to say thank you.
#blackhistorymonth NO!! #blackhistoyeveryday

288 days to go 💍💍💍💍 #soon2bemrsBailey #blacklovedaily #tillWEdo #myBoaz

3rd vday with my valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my dawg @wheresgregoryd
Watching our love grow has been like watching my favorite movie, but we’re the stars! ✨

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