W H Y do Y O U care? & how do we have these conversations? How do we help someone G E T I T ? & I don’t mean theoretically ‘get it’ I mean, how do we get folks who refuse to really see their own complicity in the problem when they “don’t see color”, when they “love the sinner, but hate the sin”, when they claim “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called”? You know what I’ve been left with, over & over again? — from c o u n t l e s s conversations with family, friends or people in church — I really believe it all comes down to whether or not that person has decided to love people despite who they are or to love people BECAUSE of who they are - not in part, but in full.

When you hear the story of someone who experiences this country or this world differently than you, do you dismiss or try to erase these experiences? Maybe it makes you uncomfortable, maybe you REALLY want to believe that this person’s experience is unique/isolated to only them — & maybe loving someone outside of the fullness of their personhood or identity, maybe that is safer for you and makes you more comfortable?

This week we are going to focus on another amazing woman of color, Rosa Parks. Throughout her life she dedicated herself to advocacy and donated much of her speaking money to charities. She remained an voice for civil rights even after the end of the Civil Rights movement as dated by historians. Her actions as the “First Lady of Civil Rights” earned her the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal. Her legacy has cemented her as one of the most influential figures in the 20thCentury. . . . Thanks for hanging around for another week, guys. It’s honestly been so fun being able to explore these women’s stories and their legacies. I hope you enjoy this week’s sketch of Rosa Parks. . . . #rosaparks #civilrights #blacklivesmatter #woc #womenempowerment #americanwomen #art #badassamericanwomen #montgomerybusboycott #portraits #drawing #photorealism

Back 2 years ago...
It’s wild that as much as we try to educate and expose Munchkin to all things pro-brown/black she still at 4 years old has internalized that “white” is better than “black”. Of course, she’s being taught about her own privilege, the efforts to get toys and dolls that celebrate melanin has been amplified (which is madd hard to find brown/black toys and dolls) and all media is being closely supervised. We must never fall asleep on teaching our kids the truth and checking their and our own whitewashing. #Blacklivesmatter #BrownBabiesMatter #teachthebabies #brownpride #keepit100 #acknowledgeurshit #breakthecycle #2016 #whitewashing #representationmatters✊🏾👩🏾

Special order for a special couple. A little Ankh & Africa love! 🐝🍃

A straight punk. #blacklivesmatter #justice #Repost @thesavoyshow (@get_repost)
EXCLUSIVE SAD VIDEO FOOTAGE #NiaWilson has been stabbed by a suspected (Many Say Confirmed) Racist White Supremacist WHO RAN AWAY AFTER & IS STILL ON THE LOOSE. The Racist White Male stabbed her SISTER TOO and she is in critical condition. EVERYONE WHO IS BLACK IN CALIFORNIA NEEDS TO BE ON HIGH ALERT. THERE IS A VIOLENT RACIST MAN ON THE LOOSE. If you have any info on this man , forward it via DM!

Coming back with some hard shit. Please don't get OfFenDeD ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ #memes #dankmemes #dank #edgy #edgymemes #funny #anime #otaku #vape #vapegod #lgbt #gay #blacklivesmatter #weaboo #shrek #aesthetic #pride #spicy #spicymemes

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