I want to do a small throwback to this picture, which may give mixed messages. Ever since I added boots to a latex catsuit (which I love), I’ve been having a really hard time finding friends and or like minded people. @metalatex and @latexnikki , thank you for being there for me!💯 Just because I have a latex fetish for what ladies wear, doesn’t make me “that weird guy to avoid. I just “see something a little edgy you may or may not. “ Do you agree with me? If so don’t be afraid to follow me. 💯

This whole video is a huge experiment (inspired by @ruby.alexia and @latexfashiontv ) I meant to say I’m a “straight male”. I love how confident I feel in my latex catsuit and boots! 😍 Music is by @primalfear.band , Delivering the Black !

Since my last latex post had quite a few likes, I have no idea how far this video will go. I’m shinning my latex catsuit with vivishine lube, @vivishine.company , in hopes of going to a latex party (having a blast)! Will you go with me? Surprising shoutouts to: @latexfashiontv @fetrealmnyc @wear_latex @rockinrubber @nomenloony and @christinaallday 👍

Ellen ten damme in #sexy #latexcatsuit

Photo share. Berlin still has so many cool girls. New photo studio from uber cool model Sinteque Berlin. Also pictures Dutch Dame and Bunny Glitter Gun. @fetishmodelsinteque @dutchdameofficial @bunnyglittergun @FetishBerlin #SintequeBerlin #FeistyCatPhotostudio #Berserker #blacklatexcatsuit #coolBerlin #Berlin2018 #BerlinisthenewLondon

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