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BGF Fly Girls:: Happy Monday! Here's a #FlyAffirmation to take into the week:
I love + care for all the Black women in my life. Our bond is healing. ✨✨✨ 📸| @kelvinyule
#BlackGirlFlyMag #FlyGirls #MondayMood

"Man why can't life always be this easy" 😩🌊🌴🌞🙌Also, my swimsuit is from @zaful. Last summer I filmed a whole swimsuit haul, edited it, uploaded it on YouTube, and never made it public because I wasn't ready to put myself out there like that lol (and I was also uncomfortable about some weight I had gained).But as I'm becoming more comfortable and working on caring less about inevitable criticism, I think I'll put it up!

[ You know you're lazy when you get excited about cancelled plans. ]


Monday Monday Monday, there's something I'm suppose to do on Mondays. 🤔 w/ @porschethomas

Senegalese twist for the 3rd time! Probably some of my best work but never again will I do twist. Also shout out to my mom for being my model! #blackisbeautiful #senegalesetwists #africanhairbraiding #handcramps

My album cover if I ever had one ... 🌅 #ILoveSunSets
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omhhh the whitest blondest heckin girl ever just uploaded a pic of her new fucking box braids whilst wearing a necklace with Hindu script on it. all of the comments say "love it, zomg fits u so well" etc etc. End me pls

Black is best 🖤🖤 #imback

I so love to see results like this!!! When you stick with The System you get results!!! 😁😁 Who else is looking to get bikini ready for the summer?!? You still have time... Let me see a "Ready" 👇👇👇below so I can get you started now!!!

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