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Channeled my inner Belle this weekend to attend the Disney Mer-Prom hosted by @thelittlemermen I've been wanting to see them perform for some time now and they did not disappoint! 🎶🎸🎹🎺🎷

this is my motto for monday and everyday for that matter. hair poppin' courtesy of the @ogx_beauty coconut quenching coconut curls line. the curl styling milk is liiiife. sweatshirt from @thepocbrand! 📷|@tyesani

When the world sees who we truly are and our faces are not obscured by weaves 👑👑👑

My lost twin from the 19th century 🎀💅🏽 Had to do a new side by side of this picture of a non- identified beautiful lady circa 1800-1900.
This photo was part of W.E.B Du Bois' "American Negro" exhibit, shown at the 1900 Paris Exposition Universelle. According to the Harvard Gazette, " the images of educated and industrious middle-class African-Americans that Du Bois chose for the Paris exhibit were meant to stand in sharp contrast to the racist depictions of blacks prevalent in 1890s America. "
Source @the_corsetedbeauty 💅🏽


These lovelies are going out to the "just sayin' THANK YOU" giveaway winners! And if you know someone who could use a little reminder of just how courageous they are, I have 40 available. 8 sets of 5 pencils available for $8. Email me at lacey@courageousconvo.com, and I'll send you an invoice.

Your the only one I need in my life, inside I feel it all! All! 😍🐝🦋#southwestcollege #wlac #medicalassistant #blackgirlmagic✨

I'm buying lashes for the rest of my life.

Shooting my soon-to-be released video podcast with Mickey on my chest. Who says you can't play while you werk? #unLSH #podcaster #videopodcast #comingsoon .
#baddie #baddienation #mickeymouseshirt #browngirlmagic #blackwomenrock #blackgirlmagic✨ #blackwomenatwork #blackgirlswhoblog

Senior short film.
Daisy 🌼

Film Artist//Katheryne M. Johnson

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