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Bubbles, bitch. 🌀💙 #TheBWordxDebShops

Brianna, @_the_b_word_, styled me completely out of my comfort zone for her super awesome alternative artistic plus size project, and I was honored to be a part of it.
Get the bodysuit on @debshops's website, now! 📷| @zachs.pic

MONACO gals. At least 3 of 7 of them lol @vogue @marianovivanco

It's okay that we don't have news coverage because I know that we'll get the news out and educate others of what's going on. Power isn't only limited to them 😘 #blacklivesmatter


You have to be ALL IN otherwise you won't get all that's yours. Be great, girl!
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Flashback Friday (I missed #tbt so sue me!), to when I was in Hamburg, Germany (my home away from home).
It was my first time in Hamburg (I've been frequently after that. I was meeting this really young German guy who was my language partner and it somehow turned into a quasi-date with sticking his tongue in my mouth at the end of the night. Like literally we went from let's check out this event downtown tomorrow to "OMG IS THAT A TONGUE IN MY MOUTH??? (don't judge my life).
I basically was like ok stop I gotta go home sorry. Never heard from him again. Had a mini meltdown. Met another guy the day after, the cycle started all over again 😂😩
I don't know what it is about being abroad. This kind of thing would NEVER happen in the USA. I usually go to work, go home, maybe go to a store or two.
But for some reason when I'm abroad I become this superstar, I bloom like a flower. I'm a social butterfly. I'm charming. I'm secure. I'm my best self. Now, I truly see why the greats like Marian Anderson, Richard Wright, Josephine Baker, Bessie Coleman. It wasn't just Jim Crow. It's just something about going somewhere DIFFERENT.
Be your best self everyday. But if you don't know who that is, then travel until you find her.
#blacklinguists #blackgirlslearnlanguages

Sexta abençoada pra nós.

Ещё одна неделя до долгожданного заслуженного отдыха 🤤🤦🏽‍♀️😭✈️ ☀️🌤🌈🌊 #travel #paris #blackgirl #happyfriday

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Перешла на тёмную сторону😈 #vscocam #vsco #l4l #f4f #blackgirl #girl #black

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