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Ran the Blackfoot Ultra 50k yesterday and managed to exceed even my own expectations! 4:44 PR for the distance. thanks to @runproctor for a great day! #blackfootultra #ultrarunning @healdsburgrunningcompany

After almost a whole month off from posting, ZERO long runs and some much needed rest for my left knee... I'm ready to start day ONE of my 50 mile training tomorrow. It'll be my first time following a running plan designed specifically for my goals and I'm itching to get back to my stress busting weekend runs! I've switched up my 50 mile goal a little. Forgoing the DC endurance race for the Blackfoot Ultra in Edmonton. My little sister is due in March and I want to use any excuse to visit so planning a trip around running worked out great!
I've missed this forum, but needed to give my body a little rest before diving back in. Posting always makes me want to log a ton of kms so a month break took that internal pressure off.
Happy running all! Xo 👊🤗 #youvstheyear #yvsty #everymilecounts #marathontraining #marathoner #keeponrunning #runeveryday #runnersofinstagram #runhappy #halifax #blackfootultra

Let the conditioning begin. Beautiful weather for an 8km today on the foothills with my last 500m in bare feet. #blackfootultra #training #loverorun guess I better get some @lunasandals soon.

Brilliant #mudfest on the trails today at the #blackfootultra #trailrunning #50K

What was supposed to be a fun SPRING training run turned into a crazy BLIZZARDY, Snowy 25km run my feet were so wet but great company always makes it better. #getofftheroad #whereisspring #blackfootultra #ultratraining #yegrunner

It's been awhile my friend #blackfootultra

After running 25km trail...lets just go ahead and cut off my knees #longestdistance #nomorehillsplease #yeg #blackfootultra

Some days I have good ideas, other days less than stellar ones. Today's less than stellar idea was to run 25k with the ultramarthon crazies who are my friends and I love. We got lost, there was a whole lot of staring at an unhelpful map on the trail, there is not more than 200 meters of flat in a row and I swear we did at least 100 hills. The upside? I get to eat like a high school boy after football practice. #BlackfootUltra #yegfitness #NoticeWeDid28k


Not much to say. Left the house for a 6 km and nursing a tight Achilles. Ended a 28km with an ugly bonk. Felt good to run but the idea of #blackfootultra at the end of next month is stressing me out. Need to chill I guess. #lovetorun #roadtoblackfootultra #lunasandals #lunatics #runningisbeautiful

Saturday morning adventures ✌🏼 Hey April, Winter called, it wants it's snow back. #patientlywaitingforsummer. 10km of the 'W' with @edmontontrailrunners on tired legs. Despite the fact I'm so over winter, it was great to get out. Only a few weeks until some big races including #blackfootultra #calgary50k @rvrultra 25km the day before my #wedding and @sinister_7_ultra 100miler

What was supposed to be a fun SPRING training run turned into a crazy BLIZZARDY, Snowy 25km run my feet were so wet but great company always makes it better. #getofftheroad #whereisspring #blackfootultra #ultratraining #yegrunner

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

The plan: One loop (25km) of the Blackfoot Ultra course. No one actually believed we would be running in so much snow. It just kept falling the entire time we were out on the trails.
A loop was completed. Distance to be confirmed - watches were showing anywhere from 22.57km to over 23km but anyway you cut it, it was tough.

It was 'character building' & It was wet...very wet! The couch is calling my name.

The second half of training for my first #ultra starts tomorrow and as I think about some of the personalities that inspired or helped me along the way, I can't forget where it started 2 years ago. As hard as it was to stay motivated at first, some of the science and psychology was very cool and I have to admit I am a bit of a tech guy. After following @canmoremd on instagram I started asking him a few questions here and there and he pointed me to the Maffetone method and slow running (80/20). This would be the start of running smart, and I am thankful Andy Reed is such a cool guy and passionate about running. Andy (this shot I believe from ironlegs - and stolen from his feed) is the fireball of the #bowvalley, leading the intensity training charge every Thursday for the local running dirtbags and a serious ultra competitor (like last years western states 100). Make sure you give him and his sponsors a follow. #lovetorun #roadtoblackfootultra #blackfootultra #salomonrunning #vitargo

Week 11 start for me on Monday and without a doubt I can say I shouldn't be in such good condition. 5 weeks ago I was dealing with on going injury and pounding myself into submission. But now the running is feeling effortless and all the pain is gone thanks to the knowledge and experience of @majocalgary. Majo believes in natural (barefoot) running form and is trained through #leesaxby and the running Center at Vivobarefoot. Majo has not only changed the way I run but shown me it can be fun and pure and a lifestyle. (This photo of Majo from his recent trip to run with the legends in the Cabello Blanco Ultra - stolen from his feed) Majo is one of the greatest runners in our community and does most of it in sandals including coming in with the top runners at last years Tahoe200. Proud to call him my coach. #lovetorun #roadtoblackfootultra #blackfootultra #yycrunning #lunasandals #borntorun

Wow!! 1/2 way thru my training for this springs #blackfootultra. 10 weeks in and so many changes. I think we are in the last bit of winter here in #albertacanada so I stayed indoors this week on the treadmill (47km) and just worked on my engine. Mid January I weighed 219 and today 204 and feeling great. My gait has been changed, I've slowed to build an injury free base and long runs are up to 30km. So great. Also as I mentioned when I started that I was surrounding myself with amazing people who are supporting me in one way or another. The next person I want to introduce is @soulful_runner (above photo stolen from Ryan's feed) who has quietly been giving me pointers and making sure I stay smart with the training. Ryan is the current Lost Souls 100 record holder and another athlete that inspires me to be a better runner. #lovetorun #roadtoblackfootultra

Took it indoors to the track today #sundayrunday #blackfootultra

Found My Flow!! My first run since I had my running analysis done with @majocalgary this week. This picture describes it all. Took it easy but kept the cadence up, HR down and was just waiting for the fatigue....it never showed. smashed a 12 km and could go for another. Never been so relaxed on a run. Amazing. #lovetorun #roadtoblackfoot #blackfootultra #yycrunning #ultratraining

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