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#henryjohnson #blackdeath #harlemhellfighter .. They called Sgt. Henry Johnson "Black Death," a soldier from the all-black "Harlem Hellfighters" unit who fought off two dozen Germans with a gun and then a knife during World War I. In the early 1900s, Johnson, who was living in Albany, New York, was inspired by the Army's recruitment efforts to join an African American regiment nicknamed "the Harlem Hellfighters" to help with the campaign in Europe. Johnson and his comrades were deployed to Europe and given menial tasks like digging latrines. But as France struggled to keep up its war efforts, Gen. John Pershing lent the French the "Harlem Hellfighters" with one bit of advice: Keep a close watch on the black soldiers because they are "inferior" to whites. The French outfitted Johnson, who was a private at the time, and fellow soldier Needham Roberts, a private from Trenton, New Jersey, in French helmets and weapons, taught them a smattering of French phrases and sent them to an outpost at the edge of the Argonne Forest. It wasn't long before Johnson heard the "snippin' and clippin'" of Germans cutting the wire fences near the French camp. He and Roberts jumped into action and lobbed grenades into the night in the direction of German fire. Eventually, the two men were surrounded. Johnson swung his gun, which had jammed, at the enemy forces and when that broke and he was hit on the head, he whipped out a bolo knife and slashed a path for he and Roberts to escape. "Each slash meant something, believe me," Johnson later said. "I wasn't doing exercises, let me tell you." When it was all done, Johnson had killed four German soldiers and wounded roughly 20 more. He suffered 21 wounds during the melee and his effort helped hold the line against the Germans. "There wasn't anything so fine about it," Johnson would later say. "I Just fought for my life. A rabbit would have done that." Johnson returned to his home country a hero and rode with the Harlem Hellfighters in a Fifth Avenue parade. But because his discharge papers didn't mention his injuries or battle efforts he never received a pension or purple heart (at that time) ⬇⬇⬇

Detail of the rood screen at Sparham church depicting a skeletal nobleman with a gold chain and feathered cap and the inscription "A man that is born of woman has but a short time" interestingly the eyes have been defaced by iconoclasts as if it was the image of a saint, showing the often indiscriminate vandalism during the reformation. #medieval #death #skeleton #history #arthistory #art #painting #antiques #antiquarian #blackdeath #mementomori #plague #danceofdeath #walkingdead #vandalism #iconoclast #sparham #norfolk #church #macabre

Such a grim film, such a sweet smile: #EddieRedmayne as the young monk Osmund on location in Germany for the 2010 horror film #BlackDeath.

((OPEN RP)) -You are lost in the confusing network of caves and tunnles all radio signals and navagation systems are down leaving you deff and blind as you walk around confused in the dark endless tunnles. You come to a large dimly lit tunnle that apears to be used by vehicles, seeing a floor lamp you pick it up and continue to walk further down the tunnle passing smashed up and fliped over trucks and other vehicles it would be useless to salvage anything from them. As you continue to walk you kick something with your foot and it rolls across the ground once you shine your light on it you are surprised to see a human skull but something is different a large hole has been drilled into the middle of it, a peice of metal falls making a loud claning noise you quickly flash your light towards the sound but your light start to lose power and rapidly blinks. You look further down the tunnle and see a work lamp still shining a bright light and you quickly walk towards it, as you walk closer you hear a strange sound coming from behind a fliped over truck- *scrrrunch! Squash squash squash..... Crack!!...........*-You press your back against the truck, swallowing your fear you slowly peer around the corrner of the truck to see a large coal black creature vigerously feeding on a human carcass, ripping the flesh from the bones. You quickly put your back against the truck again breathing heavily not knowing that the creature can hear you, silently the creature begins to crawl towards the truck and before you take another look the creature slowly peers around the truck and sees you standing there, it then Quickly picks you up off the ground by your throat choaking you with its tight grip. It brings you close to its face opening its mandibuls wide open showing off its long white blood covered teeth as the blood drenched saliva drips from its mouth, the crest of the creature begins to glow blood red while its mouth opens and a long black tounge with small razor sharp teeth launches out near your face and tries to bite you. With a deep snarl it begins to talk- [[CIC]]

Apparently this was a jumping spider #creepy #fuzzy #blackdeath

Now spinning, λόγος #antediluvian #blackdeath


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William Henry Johnson (circa July 15, 1892 – July 1, 1929), commonly known as Henry Johnson, was a United States Army soldier who performed heroically in the first African American unit of the U.S. Army to engage in combat in World War I. On watch in the Argonne Forest on May 14, 1918, he fought off a German raid in hand-to-hand combat, killing multiple German soldiers and rescuing a fellow soldier while experiencing 21 wounds, in an action that was brought to the nation's attention by coverage in the New York Worldand The Saturday Evening Post later that year. On June 2, 2015 he was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Barack Obama in a posthumous ceremony at the White House.
In 1918, racism against African Americans was common among white American troops and up the line within the U.S. military, while French troops welcomed them. Johnson was recognized by the French with a Croix de guerrewith star and bronze palm, and was the first American soldier in World War I to receive that honor.
Johnson died, poor, in obscurity, in 1929. From 1919 on, Henry Johnson's story has been part of wider consideration of treatment of African Americans in the Great War. A 1919 treatment covered the intersection of racism with their experience. There was a long struggle to achieve awards for him from the U.S. military. He was finally awarded the Purple Heart in 1996. In 2002, the U.S. military awarded him the Distinguished Service Cross. Previous efforts to secure the Medal of Honor failed, but in 2015 he was honored with the award.

All the freshmeat and first years after our black vs red bout. Red won, of course 😉 Big thanks to Amy K @rawandrealbyamyk for the photo! #rollerbetties #cuties #rollerskating #redvablack #redriot #blackdeath #bellingham #wa #washington #lynden #skatingrink #flattrack #wftda #franzkafkill #girlswhoskate