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We launched with a bang on 9th January at Smethwick Library, showing our new, interactive website to an audience of over 50 partners and supporters from across the Black Country. Head to the link in our bio to browse some of the first archive photos we have uncovered - and upload your own archive images too!

Bear with us - we WILL also be sharing a selection of the archive up here. Lots of plotting and planning happening at the moment!

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It’s a sunny day when Geoffrey Hoskins stabs Tony Owen with a rusty penknife. The whole incident is all over the school in five minutes flat. Like a wildfire.
No one is surprised because Geoffrey Hoskins is a gypsy and everyone knows what gypsies do. They steal the clothes off your back. They even steal babies. And they smell bad, like old smoke and farts.
The village gypsies live in caravans down the back of the scythe works. Washing hanging on lines tied to sticks. Rusty old caravans with broken windows. Dogs too. They have lots of dogs. Scary ones with big teeth. Barking dogs. Chained-up dogs. Howling dogs.
There’s one caravan that’s different. It’s wooden and painted pretty colours and there are flowers on the step. Not that we go that far. My brother and I peer from a safe distance. Anyhow, gypsies are bad and Geoffrey Hoskins has stabbed Tony Owen. Mind you, Tony might have deserved it. Might have. I’m not saying. Neither of them are in my class. I’m not that old or that big, not yet.

After the incident, Geoffrey Hoskins vanishes. I don’t think anyone goes looking for him. Anyhow it’s not as though Tony Owen is about to die or anything.
To read more of this latest story by Bronwen Griffiths, go to the link in the bio.

Two hour bass and voice blues band rehearsal, then down to Ivan's for some naughty chips and kebab #Ivans #cradleyheath #naughtychips #blackcountry #bostinfittle

#tbt #blackcountry #birmingham #bcu #2012 #uk #💍❤️ but y is my face shining? Must be the 👼🏿in me

Out tomorrow!


Steakhouse Ba ba Reeba | Walsall |

For starters I had Gambas (prawns) and Paella de Pollo y Ternera (in simple terms mixed meat Paella). For mains, I ordered a BaBa Jee Juicy Burger without Turkey Strips.

Starters were amazing, the Paella was deliciously combination with different flavours, the meat & chicken was cooked to perfection. The prawns tasted average but were lacking quality.
The BaBa Jee Juicy Burger was heavenly, the quality of Fillet Beef meat enriched with simple flavours & cheese inside of the patty turned out to be a treat.
*Gambas 2/10
*Paella de Pollo y Ternera 6/10
*BaBa Jee Juicy Burger 8/10
*Overall 8/10

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So onto the first of two cast introductions today. With only a couple of days to go the excitement has been building throughout the whole of the cast this week as we approach our opening performance. However if anyone steps out of line or gets too carried away PC Pong will make an arresting appearance and maintain the calm order that is required! Oh wait...We have the very versatile and talented Julia Tromans who gave us a magical performance as last years Mirror...However expect madness and mayhem this year as our Two Police Constables Ping & Pong get to work 'Clearing the Streets' 😂 xx #Stourbridge #BlackCountry #OhYesItIs #Panto #Pantomime #Aladdin #50thAnniversary #StourbridgePantomime #Comedy #Actor #Performers

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