Happy #WorldBookDay! 📚📚

To celebrate World Book Day I will be delivering copies of Chase Does It All for the next 24 hours. If you are in the Philadelphia area, and interested in making a purchase, send me a message. #worldbookday #ChaseDoesItAll #childrensbooks #blackchildrensbooks #blackauthors #wordsatplay #barnesandnoble

@adolllikeme check them out!!! words to describe their books? Representation matters!!!! #blackexcellence #blackgirlmagic #blackchildrensbooks #pureblacksoul

Believe in yourself!

After spending over 15 hours signing books, taking pics, and meeting and greeting at the @naturalhairshow my feet and throat are done but my heart is full. After doing this show 5 years in a row, it’s almost like a mini family reunion because the diehard attendees come every single year. Many remember me when I first started attending on 2013, when I only had 3 books and a tiny booth and every year they buy my newest books. They remember when my mom was by my side at every show and they remember when I lost her. They are on this journey with me, throughout my ups and my downs, and it really means the world to me. I can’t begin to express how heartwarming it is to have people tell me that they literally came to the show just to see me. You can’t be a successful author without fans so I always express my gratitude for the people who having been rooting for me all of these years and the new supporters who are rooting for me now. Hugs to everyone that stopped by and kisses to my dream team @bossbabebranding and @coryjwise that made this all possible because I can’t do these shows on my own. 😘 #worldnaturalhairshow #wnhs2018 #thebrowngirlsclub #blackchildrensbooks #blackchildrensauthor #blackownedbusiness #weneeddiversebooks

Nite nite! 💕💙📚💤💤

This cover is giving me all the Sister,Sister feels! 😍This newly released #book was written by @mslolaxx and her daughters and is her 1st children's book as well 🎉Temp link in bio!

"What would it be like to have a best friend who is also your sister? Meet Amel and Amira the bubbly fraternal twins who couldn't be more different. This is a simple story of the special bond they share as twins and as siblings. Follow them as they get up to all sorts on their “Twinventures”."
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Great way to end the weekend with an announcement that 800 copies of ‘My Uncle and Me’ have been sold. The more that I speak to people in the children’s book industry is the more I hear it’s unheard of to sell so many in such a short time being self published. When God says he’s got you, believe God’s got you. #myuncleandme

Alice Wilson of @bhpagedalefamilysupportcenter gives @mikeyknowsbiz a thumbs up!

@mikeyknowsbiz is inspiring adults! City Councilman Terry Wilson @twill06 shares his thoughts on Mikey Learns About Business

@thekidinvestor writing her Book Review at @mikeyknowsbiz book signing event.

It’s official the head of English wants a book for his children, I’ve made it. Great guy, one my colleagues from the last school I worked in. I told him I’m waiting for the big order from the school, get a book for every pupil in the school. We’ll talk figures at a later date, ha. Honestly I’m thankful for all the support, really do appreciate it. #myuncleandme .
@ashleyhindswhdb #ashleyhindswhdb .
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One of the best things about being an author is meeting my readers and showing them that #blackgirlswritetoo! I ❤️ how excited this cutie pie was to get an autograph and the way she’s looking at me with pure admiration is priceless. Kids love meeting authors, especially authors that look like them. As a kid, when my school would bring in an author, they were always white. I didn’t even know it was possible for a black girl to be an author so when I finally met one, as an adult, I was looking at her the same way this little girl was looking at me. Doing events and book signings all weekend when I could be Netflix and chilling is my way of connecting with my readers who so desperately need to know that the sky is the limit, no matter their skin color or gender. I’m living my dream job and loving every moment of it! When did you first meet an author that looked like you? #blessed #bookedandbusy #blackchildrensbooks #blackgirlskillingit #blackchilditspossible #booksigning #worldnaturalhairshow #blackauthors #blackgirlmagic #naturalhair

Come meet me this weekend in Atlanta at the World @naturalhairshow where l’ll be autographing books, taking pics, and selling all of my @thebrowngirlsclub goodies for black children. Listen... Don’t y’all come to this show without stopping by Booth 1117 to say hello 😂 Thank you @bossbabebranding for the gorgeous flyer, I love it 😍 #worldnaturalhairshow #thebrowngirlsclub #taliahwaajid #wnhs #wnhs2018 #atlantaauthor #blackchildrensbooks #publishwithcrystal

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