🐾 Alisa says HI and THANK YOU for your support! She and babies were strong enough to move, so I brought her to the shelter today. Thankfully, Candy was adopted several days ago, so we were able to make room for Alisa and her 5 babies!
🐾Yes, she gave birth to 4 kittens, but she's a mother of 5 now as she saved one orphan kitten, who was found in trash in a plastic bag. He is a bit smaller than the rest and hasn't open his eyes yet. But he fits perfectly well with his color and stripes.
🐾So we have 17 cats and kittens inhouse now. 🐾Alisa is still the most loving cat ever and she tries to follow me everywhere. We hope she will get use to the shelter soon. She needs a human so bad! .
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I'm looking for a new home for Smokey. (Yes, right after we had a little missing cat scare! It's been a rough week) Sadly we are just not the right fit for this silly fun boy. As much as I LOVE him, he and Joel are not vibing. We've given it time, treats, rescue remedy and more. I'm fairly certain Smokey was abused by a man before we rescued him. It's not a positive for this kitty to be constantly frightened in his own house. So I wanted to put the word out to all you good animal people. Know anyone who might like this beautiful boy? I think he will make a wonderful pet for a woman. Or he could also be a great barn cat (mousing 🐁). Smokey is almost 1.5 years old, he's playful, funny, healthy and well behaved. I have really enjoyed him. He follows me around the house, meowing his thoughts when I ask him a question. And he sleeps close by when I am working. He gets along with our other cat, and I think he could be ok with a dog friend. He could probably even be a leash walker someday 😸 If you're interested message me! And please share! You can see more pics of him in my story highlights. 🐱 💖

Bringing the outside in 💚🍃🌱

Felix is a mad couch hugger.. do you cats love to hug your Furnature? 🤗 🖤🐱

Thank you Mano

La fierezza.

Dude... 😢Peanut! Miss you buddy... -*meow ( miss you 2 Kam 😘) 🧘🏽‍♀️ Peanut the meditation cat 🐈. #haveanicedab #haveaniceday #blackcatclub #meditationroom

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