I’m running specials today on the last four pieces I have. There are too many heady techniques to list them all, dichro ribbon cane, sparkle colors sleeved over opaques, color shifters, wig wag Millis, disc flips, honeycombs, etc. Today only I am letting these go for 40% off. Sale ends at midnight and includes free shipping. Both joints are 14 mil. #itgoesdowninthedm

My latest recycler is truly a gem. It is made from experimental green and features a 3 hole perc, internal drain, 14 mil female joint, and perfect function! Scoop this beauty @psychedelicshack in Pensacola Florida! They have an amazing selection of high quality Headies!

Sold. Here is a no filter shot with a black light. Somebody better cop quick because my DM is getting bombarded as we speak. #nofilter #sold

Sold. Here is reptar all finished up! It’s made entirely from illuminati so he glows fantastically. The second pic shows the double bail on the back. I did that so it would sit perfectly on your neck at the angle in the first picture. Hit me up with inquiries.

I will take these five rods of color today and make something awesome. Check back later to see the finished project.

Here is another honeycomb. It will probably go on the end of a spoon.

I am saying goodbye to this dope heifer pendant. It is going to a good home in Oregon. If you want me to recreate cartoon characters from your childhood, please hit me up.

The light purple sections are heavy blue stardust over bubblegum pink.

This is an expertly crafted 14 mil hammer bubbler with many wig wags and custom colors.

This dish will be coming up for auction this week. It took about four hours to draw and features 15 different color stringers. Holler at me if this dish interests you.

I call this dichro tower “rhapsody in blue”. It features eleven dichro sections, two wig wag Millis, and a 14 mil female joint. It’s about five inches tall and super thick. Find this beauty @psychedelicshack on 9th Avenue in Pensacola Florida!

Here is a majestic sea turtle.

It’s very challenging to capture all of the freaky color shifting effects in these honeycombs. This one is clear until you hold it in the light.

Here is a progress shot of this single-uptake internal drain recycler I was working on. I ran out of oxygen just as I got the joint on. I’m probably one of the few glass blowers who really really loves the Hamilton soundtrack. Experimental green tubing by @hand_of_man_tubing , it works like butter!

This beautiful honeycomb cracked in half but I’ll still use it.

It’s hard to capture the incredible purples and blues one creates inside of these fumed silver honey combs.

Here is a nice mystery adventurine bubble cap.

Here is a little bubble cap. I’ll let it go for a great price in the DM. 1.25 inches wide. The colors are. Bubble-gum pink with gold fume. Fits most flat top bangers.

Here are a couple of fan pulls I made for my mother in law a few years ago. They are amber purple and silver fume over cobalt.

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