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"The Red Fox" L. Vulpes vulpes // The fox is seen quite often in folklore. We have the nine-tail fox in Asian cultures; the Reynard tales in medieval Europe; the sly trickster fox from Native American lore; and Aesop’s “The Fox and the Crow.” The Finnish believed a fox made the Northern Lights by running in the snow so that its tail swept sparks into the sky, hence the phrase “fox fires.”

The best snack is definitely fruits 🍉🍊🍎
So for this evening I am having a plate of my favorite fruits !
Some watermelon , oranges, apple, pomegranate 😋
The fruits are such a refreshing treat !
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Finishing off Monday with #meringue . @thepolkadotter's rose and blackberry meringue stack with lemon curd has us ready for some #spring baking with berries. #repost #blackberries
. . . ⠀
Rose and blackberry meringue stack with lemon curd! Because berries and meringue are always a good idea ☺ recipe on the blog now 😊

New cake !!!!! Orange blackberry cake that happens to also be gluten free! #glutenfree #orangesponge #blackberries @jamface @adelcentralmarket

i drew a sprig of blackberries and now it's on @rebekah.ho's arm forever 🙈

First butterfly visit of the year! In the blackberries no less! 💜🦋💚#tennesseemountainhomesteader #pollinators #blackberries #springtime #thegreatappalachianhomesteadingconference

I got to visit with Ryan Neal of @neal_family_farm yesterday and talk blueberries. So fun! Ryan is one savvy grower and they are going to have a stellar crop of blueberries this year! All you people in NWA should make it a point to get some blueberries from the Neal Family this summer. 2 acres of u-pick blueberries and blackberries in Rogers. First harvest in mid-May. It's going to be awesome! #youngfarmer #killinit #blueberries #blackberries #pickyourown


Happy #thirstythursday 🙌🏼🍸 A little yummy clean cocktail!
Fresh Blackberry Margs:

1.5 oz tequila- I use @patron silver
Splash fresh lime juice
Muddled blackberries
Blackberry @spindriftfresh sparkling water

In a shaker, muddle 5-6 blackberries. Add tequila, lime juice, 1 c ice. Shake well. Strain into rocks glass with ice. Add Spindrift blackberry sparkling water, stir. Top with a few blackberries. Enjoy!

#margaritas #cleaneats #healthycocktail #blackberries #dranks #thirsty #thursday #fitmommy #healthymom #lifestyle #cheers

I had the privilege of participating in a FSMA (food safety) training today at the gorgeous @freshiesnm 💗 I won't lie, I long for the days when I won't have to work an office job anymore...but for an office job, the perks that come along with working to support local ag are pretty fantastic 😊

🍇Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.🍇
I say the darker the flesh,
The deeper the roots. 🍇 #Blackberries

Brennah made her first #smoothie all by herself the other day!
#strawberries #blackberries #blueberries #bananas #shesbeautiful

RG: @_jamface_ New cake !!!!! Orange blackberry cake that happens to also be gluten free! #glutenfree #orangesponge #blackberries #cake #adelaidefood #southaustralia #adelaidecentralmarket

New cake !!!!! Orange blackberry cake that happens to also be gluten free! #glutenfree #orangesponge #blackberries @jamface @adelcentralmarket

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