Loving how it turned out black aprons go with any colour #blackapron

Chapter 5 ✅! Now just the final certification meet up to complete and then I am an official Coffee Master! #blackapron #tobeapartner #starbucks

L A T T E I S L I F E .
Neighborhood Reserve Bar
Ikejiri 2-chome.
Open everyday 8:00 ~ 23:00☕️
#ラテハート #latteheart #tobeapartner

When you fall get up , And if you fall get up, Tsamina mina zangalewa 'Cause this is Africa! Our coffee heritage is so unique, Rwanda is a country that is so unbelievably strong to build them self up again and coffee is one of the most important things to help them with this.. I remember strongly when I was send to Rwanda in 2016 how we got inspired by the story’s from the people, we laughed, cried and learned so much things when on this origin trip. I will always be grateful 💚 The stories will always help me to move on and get my own strength back together! 💪🏼 thank you Rwanda 💚

I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since the finale! The ups and downs have been crazy, man what I can do with food now!!! Grateful for all the opportunities this coat has given me! What a fun ride! .
#masterchef #ToBeAStainOnThisCoat #whiteapron #blackapron #pressuretest #fun #worthit #gordonramsay #3years #runnerup #wow #work #dream #keepdreamin

Excited partners with their coffee master books #blackapron #coffeepassion #tobeapartner

I finally did it, after a months of non-stop coffee tasting and studying about coffees. I finally earned the black apron. 😍 📸 Rona Santarin

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